How can one get a loan of STEEM/SBD on Steemit?



There is actually a bank on STEEM ran by Neoxian. They create contracts on the STEEM blockchain in the form of a post, where the terms of the loan agreement are displayed, which includes the amount of the loan, the loan payment, the loan duration, and when the first payment is due.

The account receiving the loan must agree in the comment section to the terms of the loan contract. In doing so, they are giving a form of a signature on the document. By virtue of the fact that the contract post is published to the STEEM blockchain makes it possible for verification by anyone who may wish to see the terms of the loan contract and whether or not these terms were agreed upon by the recipient account.

In return for the loan, the account receiving the loan gives up the active (keys) to Neoxian as collateral. Changes to the keys and trustee of the account receiving the loan are potentialities, and must be agreed upon. Other common terms to be agreed upon include no power downs exceeding the owed value of the loan, and the fact that flags on the contract post does not invalidate the contract once agreed to by the recipient account.

Just recently, Neoxian had an issue with an account that apparently breached the contract by taking the loan, but then invoked an account recovery procedure through Steemit to get their account back. Neoxian requested Steemit return the account to them, but Steemit has declined, saying they are not arbiters in business dealings on STEEM.

Neoxian, however, is continuing to loan out STEEM, but will be tightening down on who and/or adding additional provisions if deemed necessary.


Another bank, which has been available on STEEM, Bank on Steemit began in December of 2017. It has set up contracts in similar fashion via posts. The last contract post was almost a month ago. The amount of loans it does appears to be slowing down.


There may be others running similar loan operations through their accounts, but they did not appear in a search.


The whole purpose of STEEM is to make it possible to create transactions, which includes agreements and contracts, on the STEEM blockchain. So, it is certainly possible that individuals wishing to obtain a loan of some sort can do so by requesting it in a post and seeing if anyone is willing to fund the loan.

By doing so, it might be possible for the one asking for a loan to offer terms they believe they can most reasonably fulfill, while giving everyone else an opportunity to accept or reject those terms.

As always, anyone requesting a loan in this fashion, as well as the one who ultimately provides the loan, do so at their own risk.


You can get steem and SBD loans in steemit. But there are different conditions. There are very few people in the store, who provide loans. You can get loan from @neoxian.

You will first contact the discord channel with @neoxian. You will be told about how long you will take the loan. @ neoxian lends money to various contracts. If you take a loan, you will have to pay @neoxian.

When you take the loan, you will be given the exact password @neoxian to your Steemit account. Your Steemit account will pay for higher and sp. You will get your account back after the expiry of the loan. It will depend on you.

I'm a Bangladeshi. Many people borrowed from @neoxian. In the meantime they have passed a good level. You can contact about debt.


You can't get a loan of steem or sbd on steemit. You can either get someone to delegate steem power to you for free or buy some steem or sbd from exchanges that has both currencies listed on them. Other than that, there's no way you can get a loan of steem or sbd on steemit. It's either someone delegate some sp to you for a period of time or someone decides to dash you some steem for free. If you couldn't find anyone to delegate sp to you, you have to invest some cash or participate in a lot of contests on steemit. You may get lucky and win some steem or sbd