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Does money change people or expose their real identity?

I think money is an amplifier. Money doesn't necessarily change people, rather it brings out what was hidden before.

This is an argument I have had only the past with friends. I am offering the opinion that money and power is are amplifiers in the life of a person. There is hardly anyone to who doesn't get affected by it.

For example, I remember a guy in my department when I was in school. He was all cool with and calm. He was never troublesome or did not anything to do get others angry. However, as time passed, he changed especially when he was made the course representative. He started acting ridiculously and taking out hid anger on people. It was so drastic that many people wondered what had happened with him. I wasn't surprised if though as it's a normal occurrence. He only had showing what has been happening inside of him for a long time.

This is why I'm happy with myself. I have been able since show that this doesn't happen with everybody. At least, I have shown that power does not intoxicate everyone. In little ways, I have held powerful and it has never been changed me. In the academic settings, I have had the privilege of holding positions where I oversaw my mated but I never thought I was better than the or used my power wrongly.

These things are superficial and shouldn't cause one to act like the world's now our subject.

Money is a tool, it's not the end but the means to an end and should be a treated as such. One thing people should know is that that so king as you aren't Jeff Bezoz or Bill Gates, there's someone out there who has a mirror mine than you have.

This has been my guiding rule in situations like this. Whatever I have achieved, someone else has achieves also. Achievements, whether money or power should humble us not make us change behavior.


The answer is whether or not; everything will depend on the amount of money that the person presents. If the person has a lot or little money, he will make different changes; so he answers affirmatively to your question of whether the money changes people? But the real personality appears when the amount of money is scarce or little, and I will explain why.

In normal or economically stable conditions people act normally, their nature or personality are the ones you will see with more frequency, but not necessarily the true personality. Many use part of that personality to hide their faults.

When you have too much money, putting the drastic example that you have won the lottery, your personality will change due to the high impulses that you will start to have, you are likely to feel more confident and make decisions in another way. You can basically transform yourself into another person, but this does not mean that it is your true self, since even with a lot of money your true personality will remain below all those capable.

But when the condition is very unstable economically, the person starts to generate more stress and must do much more effort than normal to survive. Under these circumstances he will not have the energy to maintain a natural personality, freeing several of his defects, in different proportions. It will show your vulnerabilities.

It should not necessarily be worse in this last aspect, you may even know a better side of some people to be in this condition, everything will depend on each person since we are all different.


Yes it does...,.. Either way. Being able to live opulently is everyone's dream irrespective of how we individually think of getting it or making the dream come true. From what I have noticed, money is a tool that in most cases change behaviours and mostly is on the odd side. However, there are some that keep up their good deeds but we can only count these set of people as minute.

The way we think, reason and act basically originates from how we were brought up and this influence our behaviour psychologically based on our genetic trait. However, Money doesn't structure human behavior but has the power to influence it. There are lots of people that are seen as nice when they had nothing, but as soon as they were able to stand upright financially, their lifestyle changes in the other way.

I would say that no one should underestimate the power of money. A lot of things happening around can be an influencer. Many will say a host of things when they are poor but would not be able to hold on to it when the money comes. Only few have the power to control money while money controls majority.

Money changes those that are not grinded in their thought and it reveals the true part of those that poverty has kept or covered their attitudes


Since money doesn't structure human behavior but has the power to influence , we still have the power to make sure we are positively pushed by its power. 



Money can change your life and the life of those around you. So called friends will suddenly become more prevalent in your life, wanting to be around you more, hoping to catch some fallout for themselves. You can change in ways you never even knew or expected such as when dealing with those new found leechers, errr friends a previously generous man might suddenly become a tightwad, suspicious of all those around me, whereas a thrifty individual might suddenly be more willing to share the wealth than  he previously was.

In either case the circumstance can dictate how you act. Does that mean you have changed or exposed the true you? It's hard to quantify since the question could then become: Is this the real you exposed or simply a new version of you, that previously did not exist until the new circumstances existed thereby creating you?

Money can do a lot of strange things to people. It can cause you take risks you never would have dreamed of before, simply because you can now afford to do exciting new things. It can cause additional stress or mental issues where there previously was none. It can cause hobbies or previous fun once in awhile excursions to become addictions, destructive in nature, such as going from visiting your local casino once a year for an anniversary to being there daily, chasing even more money.

The only real you is the you that exists today. Any major change in your life's circumstances may expose previously unknown qualities or may indeed create a "new" you based on a new set of circumstances.


Money can change someone lifestyle and money can also reveal the true character of someone. If you want to know who someone truly is, give him or her much money. The true character of a man is revealed when they have enough. So money doesn't change anyone's character, it reveals who that person is


Money exposes someone's real identity. You can't tell much about the true identity or character of someone when they are still poor. If you give a man money and his character doesn't change, you know that is truly who that person is.


To be honest I have seen my share of life till the running time and the Honest answer would be "99% People Changes".

Few things that you can notice once they obtain a substantial amount of money that they never had.

  • Their Change in Behavior
  • They start to treat People differently
  • Most of them thinks like they have achieved  the whole world and looks down on people
  • They Forget their Past

While those 1% 

  • Remembers who they were and how were they treated in their hard times and  they tend to be of use in any way possible

Life is really a  hard place for all of us, we all go through hard times and by doing so many of us just looses faith over humanity and ties to get away from it and at some point we do not give a damn about others as this thing goes in our mind 

"Where were others when I was having a rough time" 

We really need to change that thought and embrace what we have been through and help others in any way possible so that they do not go through with the same situations that you have been through.


It can definitely change someone and bring out the real person. Money can bring about good or bad in a person as it depends on the individual. It shouldn't change who you are as a person but it normally does.


Of course like the power, the money shows a person real face, bad or good.


No, only amplifies.