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What makes iOS superior to android OS?

Well let me correct you there, IOS is not superior to the android OS. In fact, it's in many ways the exact opposite. Android is simply far more flexible than iOS and that's one of the reasons why many smartphone companies and app developers prefer using android. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei have the capability and technical know how to create their own operating systems but instead they still subscribe to using the android OS, even though they heavily augment it.

The only thing that I can say iOS seems to beat android in is in terms of security. iOS is so secure that even the US government couldn't hack the iPhone of a suspected terrorist. They had to petition apple to unlock the phone, and when they did, apple turned them down. They had to later enlist the help of a third party hacker and no doubt they spent an pretty penny doing that.

In terms of fluidity and usability, android offers so much more than iOS does. At the very least, androids come with file managers which let you decide where certain files go and where to keep certain things; iOS doesn't. Let's not also forget the fact that you can't freely send things from other devices to iOS phones, call it the price of security.

I'm a huge android OS fan and Ive made it known multiple times that I'm anti-ios but that doesn't mean that there are things that I don't like about iOS. Their icons always look better, they receive updates much faster than androids do and their security is unparalleled. Stealing an iPhone with the iCloud logged in is a waste of time. The phone can only be used at best as hardware. The motherboard itself is useless because if you can't log out the original owners iCloud, all it takes is a click from another person's iPhone to lock the phone you stole.

As far as superiority is concerned, both sides have their strengths, although I'm sure you know which side I'm on, but for the sake of your question, iOS is only superior to android in terms of security.

I hope this helps.


Nothing. Nor is there anything that makes Android “superior” to iOS.

It’s entirely a subjective matter of personal preference - dependent upon the specifics of what one would be using one over the other for that might not be available on the other.


Well, that's a huge bias in your question.. I find iOS very easy to use, but there's certainly a lot of nice features on Android OS as well that makes it a good contender. I would say that choosing the operating system for your phone should be based on what you need, and neither of the choices are really superior to each other.