If you had the power to save one person, whom will you save: Mother or Wife ?

This question is very dicey. It is very difficult to decide whom to save as both are very important in the life of a man. A mother is the one that drives a child to the world. She carries him for 9 months and went through pain throughout the period. After the delivery,she breasts feed for years, clean sheet, take care of the child and so on. All the time, struggle and the pain she took to care for the child made them have a kind of intimate bond, and that is why a child doesn't play with the mother.The love is alarming.

A wife is someone a man lives with after leaving his parents. She picks up from where the mother stops. She takes care of him, mother his children, give him pleasure and plan life together.

If I save my mother, my wife will be gone forever. The love we share ends at that junction.I can re marry and live goes on, but what about the fate of the children? How will my family look like? Will there really be unity? I've seen lots of cases where the man remarries after losing his wife and the family scattered. Only few stood well. I'm not saying there isn't issues in first marriage but the mother will always protect her children. On the other hand if I save my wife, I won't have a mother anymore. I cant get another mother elsewhere. I will be left with only my nuclear family and still, life continues.

Now weighing the advantages,

A grown up child that has a wife is capable to run his life without seeking advice from his mother, which implies that he can still cope at reasonable extent even if the mother is not available.

A man that lost his wife will find it difficult to take care of the children.Even if another woman represents her, the scar cannot be made whole.No one can train the children like their mother.

I came to realize something when I lost a dear friend. This life is just something else. It was as if I would Also die and follow him, but here am I today. I just remember him once in a while and shook my head. My parent do say something. They say they are living their life and we the children will also live our lives differently when the time is right.

I don't pray to be caught in such an unpleasant situation but when the situation warrants me to save one, I will rather save my wife. My mum is old. She already had grand children and we have been taking care of her for a long time. It will be so wicked of me to sacrifice whom I agreed to protect in rain and sun. She is still young and her children needs her around. I love my wife and my mum and I am sure if she is aware of my situation, she will advice me to let her go and take good care of my family. My mum is great.


Great question boss!!!

Well for me this is a no brainer, the obvious choice is your wife. No matter how much you love your mother, no matter all the things that she went through in life to raise you, the choice you should make should always be your wife.

The thing is, your mother is the one that brought you into this world and raised you, but it's your wife that will bring your own children into this world. If you deny your children the love and care of their mother then what right do you have to even save your own mother.

Unless your wife is a terrible person who is hated by everyone in your family, I don't see any reason why your mother would even say that you should save her over your wife. In life, when a man gets married, he leaves the house of his parents and moves into his own house with his wife and starts his own family. From that point on, his first duty is to his nuclear family.

You can't ask for a girls hand in marriage, make her leave her father's house then choose your mother over her, it doesn't work that way. The choice might be a little difficult to make if you just recently married your wife and you don't have any kids, but as long as there are children involved then the decision should be relatively easy.

Even your mother will probably advice you to save your wife, I mean like what mother wouldn't be willing to sacrifice for her child. To me, if it was my husband or my dad, I wouldn't think twice about it, I'd save my husband.

There's also the fact that your parents are old and have actually lived life, no one wants to die but a person who has a kid that's gotten married has probably lived to a reasonable age and I think that's enough for you to know who to choose.


This is a pretty intense question, but I will bite.  I think I would have to say my wife.  My mother is a saint, she is a kind wonderful woman.  Give the choice, I wouldn't want to lose her at all.  She has also live a full amazing life though.  It would be sad if she were to pass away, but I know that she made the most of her time on the Earth and she would probably pass away with no regrets.

My wife and I still have a lot of time ahead of us(I hope).  I want to spend as much of that with her as I can.  For me, it is a pretty simple choice.  If I were younger, my answer might be different.