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When a user doesn't receive an upvote on Musing, is it clearly an indication that his or her answer or question was thrash?

Musing gives upvote to quality answer or question. But if an answer or question does not receive upvote from Musing, it does not mean that is trash. If you read answer on musing, you will find some really good answer, but that does not get upvote. My answers on Musing do not always get upvote from Musing. I don't think my answers are useless. 

Musing has a curator team. Curator team really works hard to find out quality answer and question so that it can be rewarded. They manually review everything. And of course, that is a good thing. It is possible that some quality answers are skipped. 

So I do not think that whether an answer or question gets upvote from Musing or not, it does not define the quality of answer or question.

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This is not true, I've posted so many comment and did not get upvotes, it doesn't mean the answers are trash you should know that the musing.io team has moderators and curators and some of the times it may be difficult to miss a question, I don't agree that any comments are trash or that they don't have enough SP.

Musing is a growing dapps and another things is more engaging and quality comment needs to be rewarded, sometimes priorities are placed and this may mean the curators having to choose between the comments they think have more value.

It's functioning on a limited SP but I believe if you take time to engage and to make impacting comments, you'll get rewarded


Not exactly. Musing has a fairly good user base now, and only so many upvotes they can give out per day. Sometimes it can be that the answer has already been answered, and although you gave a 'good' answer it didnt add any extra value to the question.

A good questions I ask myself before I answer any questions is 'does my answer add any extra insight or value to the question and discussion?'

I think that as Musing grows more and more users are going to not get upvotes as they have to spread their VP further - this is great for the platform though as it will encourage people to write better answers


No, They have a certain amount of upvotes they can give a day. Clearly when there are more answers than payout then some will not get upvotes. I Answer here because I enjoy it. An upvote is a bonus. 


Not at all.

When a user answers a question he/she should keep in mind that the upvote from Musing is not 100% guaranteed. While if an user gets the upvote from Musing than consider it a bones for the work that the user have given for writing the answer.

Whenever I get an upvote from Musing it really gives me a slight push to go ahead and keep on answering questions which I am good at.

While my every answer does not get upvoted that does not mean the answers that I have given in that question is a trash. That could only mean that either there was a better answer than mine in that question or the curators of Musing found something better in that particular answers of the questions.

So in my point of view do not bother with this face just keep on going and keep improving your answers and you will eventually get in the position where you will bound the Curators of Musing to upvote your answers with the quality of your answers.


It depends. If you write whatever comes in your mind for just getting upvote from musing.io then you're just wasting your time. Musing.io gives upvotes to those who's answers are helpful, meaningful, relevant to the topic and the most important thing it's not a plagiarized or copy pasted text. If your answers don't meet with the requirements of musing.io it does not mean that your answer are trash.


To my own believe and understanding ,musing simply doesn't have that much steem power to share out amongst its members. So what they do is simply upvote the comers in other to keep them motivated and any of the old ones that are still remaining might get an upvote one or two times.

So chill, it not as if you answers are trash it's just that they try to encourage new members to keep asking or answering questions. We can also stop this by delegating SP to them so that it can at least their upvote will go far a bit.

Another way to prevent seeing no votes is if we at least also partake in voting and not leaving the voting for the work of just the community leaders. If you see an answer that makes sense, simply give it an upvote. It might not mean something to you but to the author, it means alot.