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Who is an alpha male, and how to be one?

The alpha male is a term used by society to describe a male who is a warrior, a natural leader. He is someone everyone goes to for motivation and inspiration. He's the lady's man. Every woman wants a piece of him because he's the center of attraction. The alpha male has the unique characteristics of the lion.

They are physically built and strong. Ready to take on any situation with a sure desire to win. The alpha male is persistent and never gives up no matter the situation. The alpha male has a good sense of humour and knows how to keep his audience entertained. The alpha male is wise, he knows when to speak and when to be silent. He doesn't just talk for talking sake but only when he has some wise contributions to give.

The alpha male doesn't wander through life visionless. He sets a goal and follows it through until he achieves it. He is hardworking and knows what is expected of him. He knows his values and fights to protect them. An alpha male is stubborn, he is not known to take no for an answer. If he is passionate about something he follows it through. An alpha male cannot be controlled by a woman. Yes he worships and adores his woman but he never forgets he is the one wearing the pants.

He is a born leader, well educated and sets examples for others to follow. If you want to be an alpha male then build yourself to have the above characteristics


The male at the apex In the social hierarchy of an animal group is called the Alpha male. The social animals have their particular patterns of being an Alpha or a beta or an omega. This means that traits of an Alpha wolf may differ from that of an Alpha human.

In the human society (unlike a wolf), aggression and physical strength may not always signify the traits of an alpha. Although physical traits like height, strength and even color of hair has been shown to affect a  mans likelihood of being an alpha. 

Factors like leadership skill, alliances, ability to dominate a discussion and being trustworthy are some of the most important traits of a human alpha male. 

Best way to be an alpha is by practice. Every man is born to recognize the traits of an alpha (in himself or in somebody else). Trust me, you don't need a guide to be an alpha. What you need is the mental toughness to be one and then stay one. Start practicing on small groups. Hang out with a couple of guys and note your standing that group - believe it or not, you already know how to climb your way to the top in that small group. Once you reach the apex in that group, then expand your circle and repeat the process.