Is it right to fear people?

Fearing people was never right in the first place because fear of people are known as Anthropophobia or Anthrophobia (literally "fear of humans", from Greek: άνθρωπος, ánthropos, "human" and φόβος, phóbos, "fear") .

Fear also a natural thing for us to survive, like fear of snakes because obviously its better not to play with a poisonous animal. But, fear will be harmful when it became irrational or overwhelming like fear of people.

You will know that you are suffering from Anthropophobia or fear of people when you experience  an overwhelming feelings of anxiety, a panic attack can cause physical symptoms, such as:

  • sweating
  • trembling
  • hot flushes or chills
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • a choking sensation
  • rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)
  • pain or tightness in the chest
  • a sensation of butterflies in the stomach
  • nausea
  • headaches and dizziness
  • feeling faint
  • numbness or pins and needles
  • dry mouth
  • a need to go to the toilet
  • ringing in your ears
  • confusion or disorientation

 Psychological symptoms, such as:

  • fear of losing control
  • fear of fainting
  • feelings of dread
  • fear of dying

If you have the symptom above when confronting people, you are suffering phobia of people. 

To tackle such problems you might want to try meditation, prayers, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or seek professional psychiatric help.


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Fear may seem to be something negative which is considered bad or inconsequential but the truth is fear has it's side of positivity even when we choose to only feel that fear cripples us which is not entirely true. Fear and doubt makes it possible for us to be cautious and aware of our environment, the danger it possess and even the people living inside it.

My point is, yes it's right to fear people and why is this? The truth is that the heart of man can be wicked and most people have split personalities, the kind and cheerful people you see in your office or in your neighborhood may not be the cheerful people they seem to be in their homes.

Therefore it's the awareness of the prospective danger that makes one to fear and if one senses danger towards a specific person or the personality of another person seems to shady one's consciousness alerts them making them to emit fear which in turn makes them to be careful and mindful of a certain person.

The truth is when you fear someone it makes you cautious of them, even if it turns out they're not so bad just like you fear them, would you have anything to lose? Or you choose not to fear them and they end up harming you because you weren't cautious of them?

It's very right to fear people if you perceive them to be dangerous in the FBI they say "it's only your instinct that keeps you alive" and if you perceive people to be dangerous you have every right to fear them which may be the only factor that'll keep you from harms way


There is one thing I learned from my mum, "that one can't confront what he or she fears and it keeps hunting them". I believe people are meant to be respected and not feared but most times people have used the word "fear" in relating to certain individuals, but "fear" in the sense of being careful with them and not the literal definition of "fear" .

Fearing people actually have lot of disadvantage because one lost his true sense of confidence and settle for anything that comes his way in fear of what the people may do to him.

When I was a child, there were some boys who recently packed closed to our house, they were hug and that made me fear them and when they realized that I do they started hunting me, I started staying indoor from fear of coming in contact with them until one day when my mom realized it, she called the boys to our house and asked that we fight, I was alone against the two of them, we fought for about 30 minutes without a winner. Since then I realized I was cheating myself fearing them all that while because they weren't what I thought they were in the first place.

So it's improper to fear people rather you can respect them or either stay careful with them because some people can be dangerous and harmful.


Why should you fear people when they are not God? How can we relate with people in a cordial manner if we start fearing everyone that we come across? It's not right to fear people. People are to be respected, not feared. Man was not created to fear each other but to relate with each other in a cordial environment called society.

Anyone that expects you to fear him or her or that is being hostile to you so that you can fear him/her doesn't worth your attention. Ignore such a person and go on with your life. We're supposed to love and respect one another, not fear one another


Is it right to fear people??well it is not a decision that can be outrightly said to be "right" or "wrong" but it depends on the reasons behind your actions,there are some situations that requires you to fear a person especially if your instinct makes you perceive the person as a dangerous person and knowing that fearing such person would make you want to avoid the person and avoid getting harmed by the person,in such case it means your fear for the person will help you to stay off from the harm that could be done to you,,,..there are also some situations whereby fearing someone might simply be a sign of low self esteem or sign of guilt...