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How did China's population hit a billion +?

China's population was only 180+ million when first they thought about population in the first period of 18th century. After 1851 they found that the population increased to 400+ million. But because of religious war for long time the population shrink to 370 million. Later it started to increase. After the war with japan a census showed that the population was 540+ million. Then the population boom upwards and in 1982 it touches 1 billion.


  • Peace all over the country after 1951 to 1965 because there was no major war or rebel in the country.
  • The Great leader of China Mao Tse Tung declared "More People, More power." He then awarded Chinese mother as Hero Mother who had more then three children. That was an immense reason which hit China with baby boom.
  • China first started industrialization and that caused financial solvency in families and you know the result is. BABY.
  • China become medically developing and death rate was decreasing. Even death of mothers during labor also decreased. So population increased.
  • China is a land of river and fertile land for cultivation. They then started produce more rice and eventually they started using fertilizer to get more crops. That's why manpower was also becoming necessary. 
  • There is a proverb in China, “ More children, More lucks” China is a great agricultural country for decades. Farming was the core profession for people to live. That why they used to think that more members in family would be more prospective. This will strengthen the family, more children means more manpower to help each other. Also together they would be able to save their lands from illegal occupant and bullying neighbors.

This makes China to get more population. 



                    Population growth depends on birth and death rates, till decade ago the birth rate of Chinese was quite large, though now it is minimized by the government of China, the death rate of China have been less for centuries. Geographically China was completely secure from the south side in history because of Himalayas, China is good for farming so many people concentrated on the fortile land. The land never lost a huge citizens in 1700-1900 like Rassia or Germany. So, till 2000 the the population of China is increased exponentially & it become the largest populous country in the world.


The Yangtze river is the most fertile place in the world, this caused a massive rice plantations to pop up along the river and caused the population of China to explode early on with people settling over the banks of the river for hundreds of years.