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How can a student study efficiently ?

1. opt for a pedagogy per the wants of scholars

The method is outlined because the thanks to convey lessons to students. Therefore, the strategy that chooses is per the wants of scholars. during this case the character and skills of scholars.

In selecting economical|a good} and efficient methodology, every teacher definitely has its own expertise. that methodology suits students' desires and which of them can not be applied.

If examined additional deeply, presumptively there are not any lecturers UN agency square measure sensible in teaching their students. The teacher forever learns once he teaches. learn the way to show effectively and expeditiously. this can be not obtained by itself.

But through varied experiments with none of the simplest strategies to use. strategies that suit the wants of scholars in learning.

2. Arrangement of teaching materials

Teaching materials square measure a collection of materials. Lessons that square measure terribly appropriate for college students learning the teaching method in school. Learning material must be organized and free during a type that's simply controlled by students.

Structuring teaching materials victimization easier language, ranging from the simplest material for higher problem material.

3. Build sensible communication

Equally necessary in economical|a sensible} and efficient teaching effort is to create good communication with students. sensible communication is characterised by harmonious interactions (reciprocal relationships) throughout learning.

Students square measure free from feeling depressed by the teacher or the problem of the topic matter. there's no intimidation or coercion of bound targets for college students to realize the specified learning outcomes.


Yes , Students can study effectively by following all these points:

1. Listen to the class and take notes and write meaning of difficult words in class clearly so that you can refer later.

2. We should not study just for marks instead we should understand the concept clearly and should not forget in lifetime

3. Spend one or two hours daily for studying. More time should be given to tough subjects.

4. If its maths or problem kind of subject its always best to work out and revise those workings before exam.

5.All the notes taken should be brief and clear in notebook than in paper so that it will be easy to refer before exam.

6.Its always good to study loudly or to explain yourself about the topic to understand more effectively.

7. Drawing diagrams or charts while studying gives you more intrest while reading.

8. Take break once you feel overloaded this makes you concentrate more.

9. Try to recall what you have studied whenever you are free.

10. If we study with interest the process of studying will be effective and we will get best results.


As a student, one very important key of creating a study time or schedule is to understand yourself and find out what works for you. You need to know what time of the day you are more relaxed and assimilate better when you read. You need to know what type of environment you can study under and assimilate faster. You need to know if you learn faster reading in a group or going solo in a secluded area. You need to understand yourself.

After understanding yourself, you need to create your study schedule based on your discovery about yourself. You should create study time for yourself that you would stick to and also determine your study location. Try to avoid any form of distraction when it's time for your study. Your also need to give yourself study goals. For every of your study session, you should know what your goals are or what you want to achieve. Sometimes you may not be able to achieve your study goal, that is understandable and don't put too much pressure on yourself when you can't. Just plan better on your next study session.

Studying efficiently is dependent on the student and only the student knows what it wants to achieve. But some of the above tips would give you clues on what to do


There are various method a student can follow that will help him to study efficiently. I’m not going to talk about all of them but based on my experience and how I use to study that has helped me to study efficiently and get better at studies I’ll share those experiences to answer your question.

 Point 1 Try not to do too much of studying at one time.

Sometimes we study a lot at one stretch and this causes fatigue. Take breaks when you are exhausted. It always recommended that while studying take breaks and don't stress out yourself studying for a long time.

Point 2 Plan specific times for studying

Put a timetable across and start studying as per your plan. A good plan always leads you to success. Hence, have your study plan and stick to it if you want to be successful with your studies and be an effective student.

Point 3 Set specific goals for your study time

Goals are important and if you have set them with your study time than it is better. Think of it this way - you set a goal that until next week you will finish all your mathematics assignments. In this manner, you know that until next week you gotta finish all work that is tied to subject mathematics. Goal setting will help you get better with your studies and you will see that you are able to manage your time efficiently as well.

Image Source: wisestep

Point 4 Set a right mindset 

Studies are important and if you have a right mindset you will definitely study efficiently. A mind which is hindering around here and there will lead to problems but a positive mindset will bring you back to the track of studying efficiently.

Point 5 Work on the assignments that are more difficult first 

we tend to take the difficult part to study at the last and because of this the difficult topics aren’t covered and this affects our overall study score. So, its always recommended working on the assignments which are difficult first and the easy ones can be taken later.

Point 6 Review your notes regularly 

make notes as you study and make progress. Remember to refer your notes while starting off the assignment

Try eliminating distractions during your study time – I know its difficult but if you will focus then definitely you will be able to eliminate all the distractions during your study time.

Point 7 Call your classmate or friend while studying 

 it is said when you study in groups you get to see other perspectives as well and it overall enhances your knowledge. So call another student for assistance if required and plan to study together.

Finally review your homework and assignments regularly. Put aside 1 hour daily to revise what you have learned as it is right said practice makes the man perfect so in our example if you are a student then you need to daily put some time aside for your studies. Don’t rush at the last moment when the exam comes – to make it a habit of studying daily. 

Wishing you all the best for your studies.


Whatever work is done requires the principle of effectiveness and efficiency. Work that is done effectively and efficiently will lead a person to achieve good and satisfying results. The principle of effectiveness and efficiency definitely requires certain procedures and steps. Likewise with student learning activities . In order to obtain the desired learning outcomes or learning achievements there is a need for procedures and steps in learning activities. In fact, all students can do learning activities properly. It's just that mastering effective and efficient ways of learning will achieve better learning outcomes.

How to study effectively and efficiently? Here are some alternative ways that students might apply:

1. Learn at the right time

Learning activities require concentration so that it is easy to absorb learning material. This means learning activities cannot be interspersed with other activities. Therefore learning at home is done at the time that allows for learning. Find learning time that allows students to be fully concentrated. Usually every student has a different time in learning.

2. Learn in a comfortable atmosphere

It is impossible to learn in a frenetic atmosphere. Therefore, create a comfortable atmosphere and learning conditions. If you don't allow learning at home, try looking for another place that is quiet and comfortable. For example in a shady place and cool weather. Free from noise.

3. Learning includes materials and learning resources

School notebooks need to be equipped with relevant learning resource books. Similarly, gadgets that have an internet connection can be used to find out something related to the subject matter.

4. Learn regularly

The habit of students is to accumulate or postpone learning so that the subject matter learned becomes a lot. Or just study when there is a test at school. This is a bad habit and can cause laziness to learn.

It's best to get used to learning regularly even if it's only a few minutes.

5. Learn in groups

Group learning is more effective than being alone. By grouping, they can discuss or exchange ideas about the subject matter discussed. In addition, you can share knowledge with members of the group.

Thus are 5 effective and efficient ways of learning at home to achieve satisfying learning outcomes.