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Have you ever been in a distance relationship? If Yes, how did it turn out?


I will answer this question because I have been in this situation about 1-2 years. I try to give some my tips based on true story.

These are my tips to keep a distance relationship to be stay better:

1. Embed Trust to Our Partner

Instilling trust to our partner is very important. Because with that trust, we give freedom that is bound. That is, we have no right to then forbid our partners to move or work because of suspicion and something like that.

Believing that has been embedded in each other will be an important foundation for running relationships. If trust is not there or you may doubt, try talking again with your partner to take a way out.

Because, imposing it will also not be good when the trust is not one of the cornerstones of the relationship.

 If I, myself, my trust wakes up from seeing the husband's sincerity in making me his partner before marriage.  After getting married, I then saw how my husband got along with friends who I almost knew. And until now, I have never (and hopefully never) heard that my husband does activities every day outside of work. 

Yes, maybe because my husband is a workaholic so there is no time to take care of others which are not important for his family. 

2. Intense Communication 

All couples in this world must be doing the name of communication. Especially if you are far apart. Intense communication every day is a way to keep long distance relationships good.

However, the question of how often, is returned to each partner.

If I used to, every time I went to bed, my husband had to call. If there is sudden business or a lot of work, then communication is replaced with other forms of communication, such as sending photos or just messages containing romantic words.

3.  Schedule A Meeting Time

Despite different distances and times, occasional meetings are very important. In a relationship, the meeting must be the time needed. Whether it's just to let go of longing or indeed to discuss family internal problems. 

It did not take long to not disturb the busyness of each who had agreed from the beginning.

If I used to, every 2-3 months, I had to meet my husband. I travel to the city where the husband works or the husband who visits me.

This agreement is not rigid either. Adapted to the needs and of course the economic situation at that time. Because something can only be planned, God determines the real conditions that exist.


Those are some tips when I have long distance relationships. Nice to go well. And now, I have gathered with my husband in one city.


Relationships especially those involving a love affair are a complex subject. Complex because individuals bring in complexities that are built on varying mindsets and ideologies. Long distance relationship works though but it isn't for the faint at heart because distance could be a barrier.

I once was in a long distance relationship. For me, it wasn't much of a problem because I was really busy at school. I didn't have much time to think about love. I had my final exams ahead, project, seminars, assignments and classes to attend. My partner on the other hand had a lot of time on his hands. If I don't call, he thinks it's because someone else is getting my attention. There was a whole lot of misunderstanding resulting to trust issues.

It was tough I must admit. We communicated often over the phone. There are times that over the phone conversation aren't just enough. There are certain things you can't say over the phone. How much time would you spend talking on the phone as compared to seeing someone face to face and talking one on one? I love to chat a lot but he wasn't the chatty type. So phone chats were almost useless. Relationship thrives on communication and when that becomes deficient, the relationship could suffer.

We visited every time we got the chance but that wasn't enough because it didn't happen often. I mean we were several kilometres apart. We would be looking forward to months before we would see each other again. It looked like forever. We finally had the opportunity to see each other often and be together. One would think that all the problems would be over. No it wasn't as i discovered we were not compatible. We had a whole lot of conflicting views on several subjects. It wasn't that my partner changed or something. I just was too busy to notice. Being close to each other revealed a lot.

The relationship lasted about three years but we eventually broke up.


I had long-distance relationships, even now I am far from the woman I love,

indeed The feeling of worry, anxiety, suspicion and distrust so often haunts.

But we love each other and our relationship remains lasting even though hundreds of thousands of kilometers apart.

Remote Relations I Make Closer Relationships


In the past i have been in a long distance relationship snd it was a wonderful experience and it was also stressful too,the long distance relationship made me got

bored of the relationship because at some point we started doubting each other and the trust was

beginning to reduce,though we sometimes try to do video calls together in other to see each others face but it was not just enough,even sometimes the internet

connection might be poor and we would not be able to see or hear ourselves clearly,we got bored of doing the same routine everyday and we just wanted to meet

each other physically and express our love better,,lack of trust killed the relationship,and the trust issues started because of doubts which was triggered by the long

distance relationship,,long distance relationships works for some people but as for me it didn’t work the way i was expecting..