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Is it advisable to purchase used cars?

I think sometimes it is all dependent on the environment like for example I would never buy a used car in Nigeria because there are demeaning factors like bad roads duplicitous sellers who are hardly truthful about the state of the car because in most situations I think it is not really about the "used cars" but the other factors that surrounds it that would make it last for a longer time or definitely make it not last at all. When you consult a mechanic they will tell you things like how you must consider the state of the car as how it was used by the last person who used it.

For example if I have a friend who has used a car and I knew the history of how he used this car I mean obviously decide to purchase it because I have considered the circumstances surrounding the car this time I am not just considering the car but the circumstances that surrounds it.

So apart from looking at things like engine , carburettor and the physical attributes of a car I will definitely consider things like the environment where I might be riding this car because I do think that even new cars do not last long on bad roads or bad weather conditioning.

So I wouldn't tell you that used cars are not good in fact it is advisable to buy them when the right factors are put in place just like I mentioned above. And sometimes some people who even have used cars have their cars last longer than people who buy new cars it is all dependent on how it is used in my opinion so you might want to consider other factors apart from the fact that used cars are second handed cars


I have been buying cars for right around thirty years now and I can tell you that I have never purchased a brand new car.  Every vehicle I have purchased has been a used one.  Cars depreciate so fast and the current prices of them are just about astronomical.  

I am not saying I wouldn't ever by a brand new car, but from a cost standpoint and what I can afford to pay at this point in my life, it has never made sense to purchase a new car.  

The last car my wife and I bought we were able to find a really nice car that had been leased by someone else.  It was two years old but it only had about 13k miles on it.  The price was lower because it was used and was two years old, and about half the cost of a brand new car with similar options.  

If you can find a used vehicle that is a certified preowned or it was a low mileage lease that has 20k - 30k miles on it or fewer, I don't think you should have to worry too much about the fact that it is used.  You are going to get a much better price for a car that is pretty close to new. 

The most important thing is to do your research a head of time and know what you are looking for.  It helps to know what kind of engine a car has in it as well.  There are some older models like the Grand Prix that might be five to ten years old, but if they have a specific model of engine in them, they will run forever.  Your body will rust and fall off before you have to worry about the engine as long as you keep it maintained.


Well that depends on many factors some of which are 

Price of new and used cars

their road worthiness

Environment of the country 

condition of cars

Availability of spar parts etc


Yes, it's smart to buy a used car if you can trust the quality. Especially if it's only a few years old and has been maintained well. 

Much of the value of a brand new car is due to it being a status symbol, and an expensive quality guarantee.

Watch out for an unusually low mileage, even if it's not suspicious. It's not good for the engine and the tires to be standing still for weeks or months.

On the other hand, I'm trying to sell a car with a mileage of 210,000 km in the Netherlands, and some dealers won't buy it for any price, because people will limit their search on websites to under 200,000 km. Consider the resale value if you don't plan to keep the car until it breaks down.