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Is money the key to happiness?

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I would say that money is NOT the key to happiness. There is no doubt that I am bound to be challenged for my answer and that is okay because these kind of answers are usually subjective (but I 'll try my best to be objective). I firmly believe that people are entitled to their own opinions and to defend them too.

As I understand it, happiness is a state of mind. There are people who are happy when they are experiencing pleasure and there are those who'll find happiness in pain. Given that these experiences may be fleeting and may not be counted as lasting experience, but in the end it is the opinion of people who went through them that will count. It's possible that even the memory of such an experience can trigger a response of happiness within an individual. 

Who is to say that having money cannot cause a person to be happy. So is it possible that I am wrong in my answer to your question? For this we would need to consider your question fully. A big part of my answer actually is based on a phrase used in the question itself - "....... key to happiness"

Let me explain further. I understand that having money can make a person happy for the time being. I also understand that having money can be an important part of the equation for a person to lead a fulfilling life. A life that allows this person to make his/her choices based on deeper thinking and not on the survival instincts of a human animal that has been reduced to starvation. 

What I mean to say is that money can be an important factor in the equation that allows a person to lead a happy and a fulfilling life. To accept my last statement is one thing but I still believe that money is NOT the KEY to happiness. 

To believe that money is the key to happiness of a human being is to believe that it is the most basic and an absolutely essential requirement for a person's happiness. This is certainly not the case. We have proof that people without money (even to the point of starvation and death) have found peace and joy in their lives. 

Let me summarize by saying that let us not judge people on their choices. We do not know what they have been through and the kind of lives they have led or experienced. I am not asking anybody to pity anyone but I am surely asking that we find understanding and respect for each other within our hearts. 

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I would say most definitely not. If money brings you joy and happiness then there is something wrong.

Money can help make you happy by being part of the bigger picture. You need many other things like your health and your general life to be in order. Imagine being very wealthy with money to burn , but have serious health problems. Would you be happy then? The money can be used to give you the best treatment ,but there are no guarantees.

I would rather be comfortable in life knowing I am not living month to month and have a happy family with all the basics in life. Sure it would be great to spoil everyone by having regular holidays but you don't need to be wealthy to do that either.

I have never been rich and I am a happy person. I realized a few years ago when I had a health scare that money doesn't matter as long as you have love in your life. Family is the most important along with good friends.

I know of many wealthy people and they are not happy. Most of them are single or divorced and have no one to share their money with. You can't buy love and it needs to happen naturally. Having loads of money would attract a fake lifestyle and that would include fake friends. I would rather be who I am and if money came my way one day I wouldn't change. I hate greed and people showing off their wealth as it is not normal behavior.

Money does give you choices though and most likely better choices than you would have without money. Better schooling for your children, better housing, better cars but you still need to be happy inside your self. What is the point if you aren't happy and have a bank full of money.


No, of course not. There are a lot of miserable people who are rich, and equally there are a lot of miserable people who are poor. Money can be someone's happiness if they've made it so, but that doesn't last. after awhile, the rush from having the money seizes and now you wish for something else. Money gives a thrill that lasts for only a moment, but that isn't happiness.


Money is never the key to happiness. If anyone tells you that money is the key to happiness, then there's need for the person to understand what happiness truly is.

We can be happy in a sad situation, and other people cannot find happiness in happy moments. Happiness is a state of the mind. If you can make yourself happy, then you are fortunate enough.


No not really, Money is not the key to happiness.

One can posses all the riches in the world and be sad inside. It’s not about having money that makes you happy.

The reason that money demonstratively increases happiness levels up until a point is that it takes a certain salary to feel financially secure. Having enough money means no anxiety when shopping at the grocery store, going out to eat or paying your rent. This type of security is overlooked when you are used to it.

We all say we want more money, YES I AGREE, but what we really want is more happiness. That’s all I’ll say for now



in this day and age money and money must be sought ... if the matter of sex and sleep is only spiritual satisfaction will have happiness after the desire is salvaged and that is how many people have more savings ... people who only have morning meals the morning I will get happiness with sex and sleep ... ?????


I'd rather describe money as a weird factor - it can be restrictive to have little or none of it or there could be infinite opportunities in life if you have (more than) enough. Money could be a helping tool to establish happiness (f.e buy things needed for your passions or hobbies, for new and interesting experiences, etc) but I wouldn't say it is the key to happiness itself. 


 Our happiness is bought with money!

In a materialistic society, money can buy happiness, and there is not much surprise. Not only do we need enough wealth to support our families, we also seek as much wealth as possible.

In fact, I can say that money can buy everything, money can buy, wear, use, sometimes save lives. When you have a lot of money, if you want, you can donate to help. people! Then you have to say something that money can't buy. If you can't buy anything like this, then nothing can be exchanged!

Don't be busy talking about my snobbery, but I have a scientific basis.

Scholars here tell us the truth: money can be bought happily, but you have to use the right posture to spend money.

How to spend less money and buy more happiness? How to spend the most fun? These scholars who have done great things have developed three suggestions. It is very interesting to carefully ponder and share them with everyone.

Recommendation I.

A buying experience can increase happiness more than buying an item.

After a long-term investigation, two American university scholars concluded that the purchase experience is more enjoyable than spending money on physical goods.

What is the buying experience? For example, a trip of dreams, such as an idol concert, such as the Super 8 in the release, such as the upcoming entanglement of Chunjiao and Zhiming...

Close your eyes and think about the sensory enjoyment of buying clothes and idol concerts. Which kind of happiness lasts longer?

Economics has a principle of diminishing marginal utility. The more items are added, the lower the happiness they bring. But the spiritual experience is timeless.

Every attempt is a new stimulus to the brain.

Therefore, the first correct posture for spending money to buy happiness is: under the same conditions, instead of purchasing substances, it is better to buy an experience that will bring you happiness. These experiences will make you happy for a longer time.

Recommendation 2

Different people, the way to make themselves happy, is not the same.

In the sense of happiness, individual differences are too great.

The second correct way to spend money to buy happiness is to do things that make you cool, to consume according to your own personality characteristics, to satisfy yourself.

Recommendation III.

The “social buying experience” can bring a higher level of happiness than the “self-purchasing experience”.

In essence, people are afraid of lonely group animals. One person who eats hot pot does not have a group of people to have a pilgrimage, and one person sings that there is no group of people who are hoping for wheat to be happier. People who spend money to enjoy it alone are far away. There is no high happiness brought about by sharing with others.

Give a rose, a handful of fragrance, and bring more positive feelings to others. A small gift for family and friends to come up with surprises from time to time can also make you feel more happy.

Many times, relying on spending money to solve interpersonal problems may not be the only means, but it is definitely a more efficient means.

Scholars have given us three suggestions for spending money with the right posture to buy happiness, but it is not the same as buying and buying, you can buy happiness.

not like this.

One thing that has a huge impact on overall life satisfaction is the cash balance in your deposit account.

There is surplus food in the family, and I don’t panic in my heart.

In pursuit of wealth, we will consume a lot of time as a price. However, if time cannot be consumed on this, we have to let it flow to it? To waste time. Say people are in the rivers and lakes, but Mr. Jin Yong said that some people have There are rivers and lakes, life in this world, you have to face these, you have no place to escape, so money is the key to happiness."

Making money is a kind of ability. Happiness is an ability. It is also an ability to make yourself feel happier with the money you earn. What do you think?