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Must churches pay taxes?

I don't know how it is in other countries but in my country Nigeria, I say yes, i have a firm belief that churches should pay taxes. I believe so because most churches everywhere have become more like businesses that churches. A church is meant to be a holy place, a place where a man, woman or child can go and feel a connection to his or her heavenly father. A church is meant to give us that strong connection to Him and the pastors and preachers are meant to help us grow that connection. But in Nigeria and maybe the whole world, the supposed men of God have taken advantage of blind faith of Christians and have interpreted the Bible in the most perverted ways that suit their personal motives. I have seen pastors who sell bring things like candles, oil, even water, then say their holy and sell them for outrageous prices. I've heard many times of preachers using the Bible to lure women in and then take advantage of them. Pastors setting things up to produce false miracles so as to deceive his congregation into believing in him more. That's the kind of things that go on in my country. It's strange how preachers live their lives nowadays. When the church has a problem, they turn to the congregation but when a member of the congregation has a problem, the church asks them to turn to God. Then we have the pastors who own private jets, schools that majority of their congregation can't afford to go to, even though it was their tithes and offerings that built the school and so much more. In light of all these I feel that they can and should be taxed. After all, Jesus Christ paid his tax without complaint, so churches should be able to do the same.


YAASSSSS, because, lets face it, churches are now businesses. in fact, in many African countries, if you want to live a wealthy life, start a church and perform some sort of miracles and manipulate peoples faiths and believes (mind f***). Churches earn way more than most businesses  these days. many pastors and church officials are living luxurious lifestyles off of the church earnings, without having daily jobs themselves.  whats even sad is that many of these pastors live extravagantly at the cost of their church members who toil to work their butts off in order to pay their tithes and offertories at the end of the month, leaving them with barely enough money to survive, while the pastor and his family  keep feeding off them. they should pay tax and even audited on a very regular basis, 


Outright NOOOOO!!! The reasons advanced for conceding that Churches pay taxes are outright not appropriate. I think they arose from personal , instead of judicial and or ecclesiastical adjudication of the matter!!


1) Financial Commitments to Churches by Members is done VOLUNTARILY and consciously by Members .

2) According to taxation Laws, personal income is taxed once , not in multiple. Monies contributed by Members to Churches are done out of left over after personal income tax has been effected on their income Taxing the Church income amounts to double taxation of the donors personal income.

3) Churches are resgistered by appropriate Governmental agencies as Non Governmental , non Profit Organizations. In all countries of the World , such are exempted from taxation because their incomes are DONATED by voluntary contributors, not as BUSINESS transactions as in Commercial entities!!

4) That Churches , Officers lives extravagant lives is a SUBJECTIVE submission of men whose expection is that Pastors and Christians must be POOR, contrary to Biblical Scriptures!!

Churches are regulated by statutory boards which approves remunerations of Church Officers and Pastors according to their internal constitutions.. Such remunerations could be meagre or relatively much depending on the incomes generated through donations!!

Most of the times it is a fixed percentage of generated income through donations !!

Aside donations to Churches, individuals do give both Financial and Material Gifts to Church Officers regularly!!

Are Gifts taxed?? Definitely Not !! we

Thus until statutory regulations instituted for Churches and Human right provisions are repealed , Churches ought not and can't be taxed!!


Not to pay taxes but to be audited. I mean they should be audited if they are really using the funds on charities and necessities.

There should be lifestyle check as well and documents like declaration of assets/income (gathered money). Churches are "govern" by their officials or heads/leaders and as an organized group, there should be a group in them who will make sure that the money goes to the rightful expenditures.


In general?  Yes.  Most churches in the US are in it for the money.  When pastors live in mansion and parishioners don't know where their next meal is from something is broken.  

I know tithing is supposed to pay for church expenses, but considering the amount that is collected it makes you wonder. Especially when the money doesn't help anyone as it once did.  Granted there are acceptable expenditures. There are people that maintain the facility, electricity, water, and such.  When funds are used to run hate campaigns of any sort it makes one wonder.