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Would you date your best friend's ex if you were single?

Yesterday on a show on discord this issue came up although not exactly but very similar. In that case it was a younger sister dating her elder sister's ex. Truth is I have never been one to welcome with open arms someone who does it, I mean this is your friend's ex for goodness sake. Yeah they may not be together but they are linked for life. This is someone she talked good about to you, bashed before you, told you about their sexual escapades if there were any and you were there when it all went down. Whatever happens to girls code and guys code. Your friend's ex should be a keep off.

Do you wear your friend's used clothes or used properties? No you get a better one. This is how it is with dating a friend's ex. I know some are of the argument that it didn't work with you doesn't mean it won't work out with your friend but does that friend think about me? How i will feel about the relationship especially if the ex is someone that caused me so much pain. Why would you want to hook up with someone that made my life miserable? I will never forgive you.

On the other hand, if my ex and I parted on mutual grounds and you want to date each other, courtesy demands that both of you do not hide it from me. Make your intentions known and perhaps I would give my blessings and even if I don't, I will appreciate the fact that you respected me enough to mention it to me. You see why if he hurt me badly it will be difficult for both of you to let me know of your intentions? Because what you are about to do is bad and shouldn't be done.


No. There is a code among friends that this is a no go zone. It doesn't matter as it could and most likely cause problems at some point in the future.

i wouldn't want it to happen to me as there could still be feelings and it would be rubbed in your face all the time and will ruin the friendship. A true friend wouldn't do it and it would have to be one you walk away from no matter what you feel.


I would never want to date my best friend's ex except if i never knew that the person is an ex to my best friend,i will not be comfortable dating my best friend ex especially when my best friend is still in love with the person...