If you had the opportunity to spend one year in the past or future, which would you choose and why?
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I'd live one year in the future. It could be utopia or dystopia but I'll take my chances in an unknown future. The past is a no-go for me.

Let's run through the scenario:

If I am living one year in the past that probably means I need to work. Even if I could get an ID card that would allow me to pass as someone who belongs in the past I am disabled. Prior to 1990 there is no Americans with Disabilities Act.

Going back to 1969 and watching man walking on the moon? I know America was secretly bombing Cambodia between 1969-1970 under Operation Menu. That would make me a possible threat to national security in the eyes of the 1969 United States government.

The same problem with living a year during World War II. I've studied a lot about the Manhattan Project.  That makes me an even bigger threat to national security.

How about post-World War I (which during that year living in the past I'd have to remember to refer to as "The Great War")? Well, I am disabled and I also live in California. California, like many other states at the time, had eugenics laws. What separates me from being forcefully strapped to a table and sterilized against my will is basically a century of history.

It would just keep getting worse for me the further back in time I would go to live a year. Believe me I know what I am talking about.

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It relies upon how promote into the past or future we are discussing.

On the off chance that it's just about 10 years or two into the future or past, I'd visit the future as should be obvious whether the world is showing signs of improvement or not changing or deteriorating. At that point come back to the present and do whatever I can do contingent upon what I see.

Be that as it may, if there is no limitation on when in time I can visit, at that point I'll pick the past whenever.

I'll visit the antiquated occasions with the goal that I take in whatever I can from the general population of those occasions about various societies by going the world over as much as I can.

(Additionally in the event that I go to the antiquated occasions with a completely charged device or two from these cutting edge times, quite possibly I may be venerated as a divine being for I have the forces and learning of the advanced innovation! :P But there's additionally a shot that I'll be marked as a wizard and be outcasted or most dire outcome imaginable, be executed)

 Hi !!!

That's a very interesting question!!!

My decision would be based on what I feel and what I think, without a doubt I would choose to spend 1 year in the past, since I am one of the people who like the surprise factor, so choosing a year in the future ruin everything for me full.

Honestly, I would not like to be in the future, because I do not know what the same holds, I do not know if it will be good and I will love it or if I find out something that I did not want to know, or maybe I find myself with the death of a loved one, or the breakdown of my relationship, or perhaps a bad experience, I know it would be pessimistic to think all that, but I would be terrified to know the future, I prefer to live and work in my present so that the future is what I want to have.

Traveling to the past I can choose a year from a time that I liked a lot, so I would definitely choose the age between 17 and 18 which was the age at which I had a sabbatical year, that is, a whole year without studying, I worked and had money to do many things, I worked with my best friend and it was great because he was my boss.

I also went to parties a lot with my friends and I traveled, to the beach or to other places with friends also since I was single and left without commitments of any kind, really that time was very great, I loved it and without a doubt I would repeat it again.

In fact, I also remember having traveled by boat for the first time to a private beach where you can only go by boat and there is no sand or anything, that was the best thing in life, I took many pictures.

At that time I also danced (I am a dancer) and I was participating in competitions and I also loved my body physically, it was perfect ... today I stopped dancing for many occupations and commitments but without a doubt it would be something I would repeat again without thinking 2 times.

So I would travel to the past to live what I liked most and I would keep my surprise factor and let the future surprise me with the new things that would happen, because if I traveled to the future it would be like making me the biggest spoiler in my movie. life, and believe me, nobody likes spoilers !!


I'd definitely spend a year in the future. That's the logical thing to do because when the year's up and i return, the knowledge I'll have of future events will be monumental. I'd know so much about what would happen in the future that I'd seem like a prophet. I'd help prevent disasters and help countries prepare for the natural disasters. I'd be able to stop bombings and last but not the least, I'd know most of the results of sports matches before they even happened. I'd be rich in moments of my arrival back to my time.

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I would love to spend a year in the past because there are many things that have happened in the past and i wished it never happen and i would want to spend one year in the past and use that opprtunity to amend all the wrong things in the past,but if wishes were horses then beggars will ride...

I think of time traveling alot and its weird you ask this question because i and my siblings just had an interesting talk about this very same topic a few days ago.

Going to the future and seeing myself less than I'm aiming to be will be devastating. Knowing that i could not make it to the pedestal i see myself on, is so demoralizing. Now, there is

obviously no up side to going to the future because nothing can be changed.

Probably the idea of killing my future self would come up but then, the age and facial changes will not add up and there will be so little i will be able to changing the future.

But if i step into the past, where i was younger and my mind can be remoulded and reshaped to think better and work harder, some change can be made. I mean look at super hero movies, everyone goes to the past to amend the mistakes done in the future; which is the most plausible thing to do.

Now, altering the timeline has many disastrous consequences which one has to consider. Losing people you already know in the future is definitely one of those things to consider. But if you think of it, you might end up not knowing the person at all.

Further, spending one year in the past would give me time to correct mistakes i made in the last one year. I bet I'll be better right now.

I would definitely choose the past.

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Why go forward with the information you know now. It would be tempting to see what is in store but I would use what I know already and go back in time.