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Is mumble rap adding value to the rap game or is it causing detrimental effects?

I know for a fact that mumble rap will be the death of rap and hip hop in total. Hip hop and rap was born as a way for the Black man to express himself. The original rappers used their music to express themselves in a way that was not possible through any other medium. Rap was a way to pass a message. It still is. Or at least it should be.

Comparing the mumble rappers to the lyrical rappers, it's evident that mumble rappers showcase everything wrong with the younger generation. Drug abuse, excess tattoos. They have no message and as such have nothing to say in their music so they mumble.

I believe that rap should have a message. It should be a way to teach the masses a lesson or a moral. That's why I have insane respect for J Cole and Nas and Tupac. They are rappers who used their music to pass a message. While not always, they did their best and are still doing their best. It's just a shame that the next generation of rappers won't do the same


I don't thing mumble rap is the problem but it's more like whole society has changed. Rap used to be about real life things that where happening. Right now hiphop only goes about bragging the most. Who has the most dope, bitches, cars, etc. in their music video's. But that's something you see in whole society. Instagram is fake af, people are only posting fake stuff there.

Maybe bad publicity is good publicity in the rap game? Look at tekashi 69, soulja boy, kanye west and all those trolls.


I have been thinking about this a couple of days ago. Apparently, that kind of rap, is a copy of a copy of a copy. I don't remember who, but they tried to copy his style, but not getting it real correct, but still getting fame. And you just repeat that proces and voila, you have mumble rap.