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There are currently several gambling or beting platforms on Steem. Is it advisable to bet with one's cryptocurrencies ?

This is an answer you have to ask yourself as there is a chance of winning and losing.

Personally I don't bet with Steem as it is so hard to earn and it would be painful to lose gambling. I think the chances of winning are remote and you may get lucky. The house normally wins though so it is  a huge risk.

We are all gambling in a way by holding crypto currencies as we don't know what the value is going to be in the future. i have seen people waste hundreds of Steem gambling and then that site disappeared.

The choice has to come form you and obviously you are unsure which is a good thing as it means you don't want to risk your Steem either. If you are prepared to gamble only spend what you don't mind losing and good luck either way.


You alone is better suited to respond to your question appropriately. This is because you know best what is best in this regard!!

But to assist your decision making process , please take note of these .

Gambling , as you know is a risk bearing act; meaning you would lose your staked money as you would benefit unduely !! But never believe anyone or systems that promise all win in all stakes!! It is not possible as the algorithm which determines winning is subject to the dictates of the promoters.

Also note that the algorithm is automatically skewed to cumulatively favour the promoter., never the stakers!!

Nevertheless, mother luck could favour you for a jackpot, which can't be a routine.

I do hope this information would aid you enough to take the most appropriate decision about your question.