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What are your early morning rituals?

(Photo by Camila Damásio on Unsplash)

Here goes:

I always have the habit of taking a general look at what's around me the moment I wake up. I am not sure when it started, or maybe it was always there and I only noticed it much later in my life. I mention 'taking a look' because it is not something that I do subconsciously as I am quite deliberate about it. First thing is kind of feeling around my pillow, usually for my alarm or for my phone to check the time. Then comes the cursory look over at the general condition of room.

I have always found this habit of mine weird because frankly I don't drink or party all that much to find any surprises in my room or at most of the places that I sleep...... but I guess habit is a habit. 

After a visit to the bathroom I try (okay try is a strong word) to spend a few minutes praying and generally meditating. I do this more out of habit than anything else but it does help me center myself. Doing all of the above might seem like a long time but in truth only amounts to a few minutes. 

Next thing in order of the business it COFFEE! Can't do without it and I am an absolute fanatic about it ;-) The worst thing I probably do in the mornings is to consume a lot of sugar in form of cookies or anything sweet that's left over from yesterday. I really hope that nobody tries to change my mind about it here because it's not happening. Somebody does drugs, I do Sugar!

Then starts my digital life. After the daily checking of the crypto prices I go onto my social media (Steem and such) for a quick look but I do not reply or read anything fully at this time. The idea is to see if there is anything important and if there is, then I reply/read the relevant part but nothing else. I leave the heavy lifting for afternoons and the night.

I am not an ourdoorsy person during the mornings and the best I can do is to appraoch the window and take a peak outside as I drink my coffee. I make sure that my smartphone is silent/ in airplane mode or switched off during this time. Can't handle other people in the mornings..... just don't like being around anybody when I wake up. But once I am done with breakfast, this feeling changes (at least most of the times) because by the time breakfast ends I am already planning about the people I am gonna meet or any other work related meetings. 

All this takes a maximum of couple of hours. After that I begin my work day but on weekends the things are little different though. 

What about you guys? Anything different?

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As an individual, we all have that special habits or things we do every morning anytime we are awake. This ritual becomes part of our routine such that we feel inconvenient and uncomfortable anytime we don't do them. As for me, it's a special case maybe because I am a Muslim and I engage in the below activities every morning.

1) PRAYING MORNING SOLAT: One of the most important obligation for every Muslim is to pray five times daily. The morning prayer is also very important as it serves as a means of starting your day with remembrance of God and thanking him for waking you up. I always love to perform my morning solat every time I wake up as it has become my daily morning ritual.

2) CLEANING THE HOUSE OF GOD: I actually don't feel comfortable every morning if I don't clean the house of worship. I am actually benefitting lot of things from this attitude apart from the great reward involved. Cleaning the house of God is one of my daily ritual every morning.

3) DOING SOME HOUSE CHORES: I actually don't know why i feel uncomfortable around dirty places. I love cleaning the house either by sweeping or watching dirty plates and I have found it very habitual to me such that it becomes part of my morning ritual.

These are the most three important morning rituals I engage myself in every day and I am very addicted to it such that I don't feel comfortable if I don't do them every single morning.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Every individuals have many various things they do in the morning. This things becomes majorly our daily routine before we rise up and go to work or from the house.

For me, most things I do whenever I wake up in the morning. Firstly I say a prayer- praying is mostly one of the essential thing I do to start my day.

Thereafter I would do some exercises and also brush my teeth, and a couple of house chores before taking breakfast.

I prefer doing everything in the house to keep it in place before eating breakfast so as to enjoy my meal and set out for work. Different people with their perspective, with their suggestion but this what I do as I call it a Morning Ritual thing for me.

**Peace** ✌️


I smoke two joints in the morning
I smoke two joints at night
I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright
I smoke two joints in time of peace, and two in time of war
I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints
And then I smoke two more