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What kind of people do you actually think will never succeed in life?

All those who forbid themselves to succeed because they are not ready to pay the price of glory.

Those who refuse to "suffer" to succeed. They perceive work, personal training and self-discipline as forms of suffering that they can not inflict.

Those who refuse to take full responsibility for their respective lives.

Those who make millions of excuses to justify their situations.

All those who re-sleep to continue peacefully their dream rather than wake up to realize them.

One is doomed to fail when personal effort becomes for us synonymous with discomfort and suffering.


Well, I used to think that anyone who was not conscious of the things they want in life and works towards it will miss out on a lot of opportunities. There are certain people who live their life by chance. They believe it's not within their power to dictate the course of their life. I honestly avoid such people because they can really be a pain in the arse. Like they say not planning is planning to fail. Not having any clear vision about what and where you want to go in life is, for me, a big turn off.

However, I have also realized that life isn't for the strong and determined alone. It can take a different turns and you find people who do not deserve certain things find their way to the top. So really I try not to look down on anybody. Because I have seen on several occasions how people who I wasn't expecting to make anything out of their life come on top, winning.

So I would say its best one focus on their own life. How another person chooses to live their shouldn't overly concern you. Easier said than done


Everyone has a chance to succeed! The detail is in who works for success?! That's why we can say that those lazy people, who don't fight, who wait in a corner and do nothing, are the least likely to succeed! 

The human being has all the tools and abilities to succeed: hands, legs, brain. We can see people living in a repressive, devastated environment, and yet they move forward and succeed; instead, we can see people who have everything at hand and get stuck like a forgotten statue and do nothing to move forward. So where is the difference? In each of the human beings, in their interest to reach the goals, their passion to achieve their objectives, the daily work that invests in what they want, in believing in what they want and believing in themselves!    

Many times when I see that people limit themselves to do something or say that they don't have the environment in favor to reach their goals, I remember Stephen Hawking who suffered a severe disability when suffering from the degenerative disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which fortunately didn't prevent him from maintaining his high scientific and public activity. He once said, "Although I can't move and have to speak through a computer, in my mind I'm free. The idea is to believe yourself capable of achieving your goals, believe in yourself, no matter what others don't believe, and do, work to achieve them! That the only thing that falls from the sky is rain and there are areas where it never rains.


 Individuals who comes late to office, beleive me, dependability is the way to progress. 

Individuals who don't try to comprehend things notwithstanding when they have shot, I have seen individuals who are doing great notwithstanding when they had nobody to train any business exercises receptive outlook makes you intense and shrewd to take hard choices throughout everyday life. 

Individuals who reluctant to attempt and learn new things seeing new stuff takes you to another dimension of certainty. 

The ones who continue criticizing others all the time.

The ones who are happy with living unremarkable life.


The ones who continue encouraging others to buckle down and invest their very own energy in internet based life or watching films. 

The ones who spend their entire lives just to awe their companions and young ladies. 

The ones who are excessively cognizant about their physical appearance more than their self-awareness. 

The ones who intend to buckle down however never execute. 

The ones who get overwhelmed by feelings effectively. 

The ones who can't lose the touch with their knowns. They can't leave Facebook or WhatsApp regardless of whether it bothers them. 

The ones who keep performing multiple tasks. 

The ones who are excessively worried about dresses, extravagance and new fashion trends