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What changes do people experience after they get married?
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Increased appetite
  • Decreased appetite
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability 
  • Hair loss
  • Depression
  • Boredom
  • Decreased privacy
  • New bills
  • Stretch marks
  • Decreased inhibitions
  • More expensive holidays
  • What's your's is mine
  • Increased obligations
  • Decreased social life
  • You are now a plumber 
  • You are now an electrician
  • You now have the ability to fix anything
  • Failing at anything will result in 1 year of celibacy
  • Do not buy her workout equipment, ever..
  • New language barriers (Dog house)
  • Feeling out of touch with everyone
  • Feeling out of touch with yourself
  • You will buy tampons, and you will like it
  • You will call the doghouse your man cave
  • She will become jealous of the doghouse and want a she shed
  • You will build the she shed, and you will like it
  • You will also pay for the she shed
  •  its your fault
  • You will always be wrong, about everything. You must accept this.
  • You will shop daily, and like it
  • You will forget something on the list every single time
  • You will buy the wrong brand at least once a week
  • The expensive shoe's are better, accept it
  • She wants a dog
  • You will clean up dog shit
  • She wants a cat
  • You must clean up kitty litter
  • By your 5th year of marriage, if you cannot afford a swimming pool, you better figure something out

Composing a list of positive changes would take me much longer. I choose to focus on these aspects, this is why, I've never been married!

That's not to say I don't desire marriage at some point, but it's a serious sacrifice, and comes with a set of challenges. I'm not sure marriage is appropriate for a man like me, but only time will tell. 


I've been married for 4 years and I could say there's a lot of changes that would definitely happen in you after months or year of being married.  Take note that these doesn't apply to all. 

  • Maturity - This is where it all starts. It's okay to be immature after getting married but it shouldn't be long especially if you're a guy because the future of your family resides in you.  You need to be mature for your family because if you keep on doing what you did when you were single like playing, gambling or wasting money, chances are your family will be hungry and could leave to divorce. 
  • Sense of responsibility - This comes with maturity as being married welcomes you to the adult life. You should be committed to your partner and your family and make sure that you take care of them. Don't just let your partner do the chores, you got to help too. 
  • Budgeting - When you were young and single, you usually don't think about money and stuff, you just go out and play or spend. But when you're married, this is the one thing you absolutely must be careful about. You need to budget so you have enough money for food, bills and the right things. 
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1. They become homebodies. 

When you have a landed a spouse it is no longer necessary to go out and about to meet tons of new people to find someone to be with. Those of us who are not particularly extroverted will revert to their natural behavior and keep to themselves and their spouse to a greater degree.

2. They gain weight

Because you now have a legally binding contract tying you and your spouse together on many levels you can relax and have another helping of that delicious cake. They say that the wedding cake is the most fattening food in existence and that is not far from truth.

3. They grooming habits go down

When you have your wife or husband already bagged, there is no incentive to go that extra mile to look your best. You can let your hair go, not shave regularly or keep your wardrobe impeccable.

4. They relax their manners around each other

When honeymoon is over, it is time to bring to your spouses attention exactly how much some of their habits and quirks annoy you. When you'd tell them politely to pick up up their socks from the floor or pick them up yourself before, after you've signed the contract, there is no need for such politesse. 


For me, your spending appetite. That's the most important thing that gets affected. You are not thinking "independently" now and that you are always thinking of the word "partnership". Always, all the time income generated by couples are shared amongst each other because that's what marriage is - helping one another to grow. They made a vow to be with each other, help with each other, and the best? Unite their soul as one. Which means you share what you have to each other.

Our income becomes budgeted and always think about the deadlines. Unlike before, you are always thinking about yourself and that you know how to save because its not too expensive. But since you're couple now, everything becomes very budgeted and tight.

That always happens here even if the wife has a work. Everything is now shared and that includes the finances. Most of the times, the woman handles all of the finances because women are the ones making most of the decisions at home.

So if you want to be married, think of it carefully. You need to seek guidance and ask for yourself, are you ready for togetherness? The shared laughter, joy and tears? Most especially, the "shared expenses".


When people get married, many things change in that person. I have friends who got married and they have become more responsible and mature. The person also becomes less selfish as he/she constantly thinks of how to provide for the family and kids will be a new priority.

Other than that, usually this person who is married won't really be bothered of what's happenin in Instagram or Facebook at all. I have married friends who have not updated their Facebook for many many years.

Physically a person also won't bother much about their physical appearance at all anymore. Alot of my friends have really gotten fatter. Used to be fit but now even jogging a little seems to be tough. Job security is their main concern at the moment and no more risk taking endeveurs.


6 changes experienced after marriage

1. Gather more money

Men tend to focus more on careers after they get married. They become more reliable and active in collecting money coffers. They are also no longer reckless when dealing with household finance.

2. More maintained

Men must be neater after marriage. Shabby and messy impressions disappear after they get married and get good care from the couple. All their clothes are also more organized and there are always those who prepare work clothes before leaving for office. In fact, the contents of their cabinets are no longer messy and neater.

3. More fat

This often happens to men after they get married. Somehow men often gain weight after they get married. Without realizing it, their body weight rises in a matter of months or even weeks. Many men say that because they can live healthier and more regularly after marriage.

4. More open to social interaction

Men become more open to social interaction after marriage. They also tend to expand their social circle so that they have many new acquaintances. This is because men will more often accompany their partners.

5. More responsible

There is potential in everyone who usually comes out when they are married. Men grow to be responsible people after they get married. Marriage helps men prioritize things that they consider important in their lives.

6. Healthier

After marriage, men finally have someone who can pay attention to their health. He is no longer indifferent to his health because he knows that someone is always taking care of him when he is sick. Wives are also more protective in maintaining their husbands' health so they don't get sick easily.


Individuals don't change after marriage per say yet individuals for the most part begin changing after they get an accomplice. There are 3 particular changes that everyone experiences after they discover an accomplice. The 3 phases are as per the following; (viewpoint from a folks perspective)

Stage 1. You get a sweetheart

Outcomes - you begin losing companions.

perception: You would like to run for a motion picture with your young lady as opposed to spending time with your amigos in your patio. On a normal a person loses atleast 3 companions after he begins dating.

Stage 2: Marriage

Outcomes: you lose or cut out from your family.

Perception so now you think you have your very own family to take care of,so you overlook the necessities of your current relatives as you prior did as an obligation. On a normal a kid after marriage burns through the greater part of his profit on his significant other and his new house instead of his folks.

Stage 3 : You have a youngster

Results : You lose yourself

Perception : once you have a child you won't consider yourself, family and companions are far away; you go to a shopping center and you will purchase stuff for your children and just in the event that you have enough time and cash then you may purchase something for yourself, on the off chance that you are fortunate.

So it's not marriage that progressions you. It's your needs that change.


Likely the desires change since those are things not talked about before marriage and individuals simply accept that things will be done or occur surely and most occasions they are not what you anticipated.

Correspondence likely changes - when correspondence stops that is the point at which the inconvenience begins.

Sex changes (unfortunately) in view of absence of correspondence and desires. The more terrible thing is the couple gets things done before marriage and after that quits doing them after - or, in other words to either party. Once more, it returns to correspondence and desires between the couple


The me, me, me mindset will start to shift towards the "us". The impact is more noticeable during marriage because there are more responsibilities expected from you by  your partner. This holds true for people adapting a healthy relationship. 

You will notice a shift in behavior by your partner. The changes will be slow and subtle. There are behaviors that they are not open about while you are dating and only revealed when you tied the knot. You can expect a lot of discoveries about your partner that you never knew. 

Married life breaks down several barriers in a relationship and puts your partner at ease. Expect some aspects of them you did not know can randomly annoy you or make you more attracted to them.