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As in those every body in this life have his/her true love because if the do their will no be a problem between them and no divose in marriage

But you need faith and commitment to support it.

When two people love each other, it's a wonderful thing. The longer you can keep the initial romantic part of your young relationship, the better. When two people really have the opportunity to meet and consume each other after a long romantic phase, this is a wonderful thing.

This is a wonderful memory for you. Because even if life is bittersweet, there's nothing like looking back on the ocean of your life and being able to see the beauty of moments.

The important thing is to realize that different people meet for different reasons. A success in a marriage can serve as an example of success in general. In the same way that someone could commit to mastering a skill in their lives, a successful marriage is built by the daily process of having a successful long-term marriage.

The desire that many of us must be in love with someone else is indicative of a deeper desire for a relationship and a connection with "life" and the mystery of eternity.

People have stages in life. If a young couple falls in love and commits, within a decade both will find themselves at a different stage in their lives. If they marry among the 20, in a sense they are still teenagers who are learning to live.

The important thing is not to worship your partner and not turn it into the center of your life. This is especially important for those aged 16 to 21. If you can help him, do not go through this critical phase of his life worrying and worrying about a relationship. It is important for you to realize your personal life goals and study for your adult life.


First I think you should correct the question, change THOSE to DOES.

Second of course there is true love, after all for me love is synonymous and goes hand in hand with truth, that is to say that for something to be really considered love has to be indisputably accompanied by something of truth, or why to pretend love?

Love is undoubtedly the most real, deep and true feeling that there is, however many people use it incorrectly, even going so far as to fake it. So love should not be questioned but the person who professes to feel it.

However, in many situations love, like other emotions, can vanish and I suppose that's what you mean by your question, but the truth is that even when love is over that doesn't mean it was never true, it only shows that we are human and that we are constantly changing.


True love between men and women does not exist!

In general, there is always a reason why men love a woman, and there is always a reason why a woman loves a man.

Here are some of the reasons, I will answer that true love never existed, there is only love that appears for a reason:

I'll start with a man's reasons

A. Physical Desire

I don't like the first time I see it is the first look at the appearance, for example, pampering the eyes (beautiful face), pampering sexual desire (if the woman is sexy)


for example a. To satisfy self-esteem (looking for virgins).

b. Ideology (looking for women of the same mind or religion).

c. Want a successor (want a woman who wants to give birth to a child).

and of course, there is also a person's desire to get married because of the wealth factor, although it is rather rare for a man to marry a woman because of property.

The reason for a woman to love someone: women generally marry men because they want the protection of stability. There are also those who love because of similar ideology.

I think, rather than asking whether someone's love for something is true love, it's better to be an honest person.

For example, rather than seducing women with words like this:

"My love is true, not expecting anything"

it's better, to be honest like this:

"Hi, beautiful lady... I love you because you are beautiful and smart. It seems that you have a decent gene combined with my genes so that I have an heir who can continue my dreams.

Do you know, I love all human beings regardless of race or nation because I think that's the best and I hope you agree with me so that we can raise up the successor who has this beautiful value. "

That is my opinion about your question of whether true love really exists. Hopefully useful, see you next time


No, because they are reproducing genetically with as many girls as possible. If you believe in Darwinism, you must know that it will be transmitted continuously. People have confused their emotions with chemical reactions in their brains based on a code that has been inherited. They really can be when their brains are just cheating them to ensure fornication. It is a viscous cycle that never ends in the creation of the genetic set. We might think that we could intelligently transcend our biology, but humans are still animals the last time I checked. Proof of this would be hiccups and goose bumps, as they are genes that we have evolved in the past and that we still have.


Yes, true love does exist. Although, in a diversified world such as this, it's difficult to find true love. Most people are in it for their own selfish gain, what's in it for me. So it's difficult to find out if true love exists or not. But I do believe true love exists. I have experienced true love and I know that it does exist.