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How can a new person on Musing geting reward and what are thing to do before geting the reward?

First of all, welcome. Musing is a question and answer platform based on the steem blockchain that rewards you for your content. You can be rewarded for either the questions you ask or the answers you provide by community members or/and the Musing moderators.

It is fairly straightforward to be rewarded here on musing unlike most other apps on the steem blockchain, and the key to being rewarded is listed below:

First, ask relevant questions and provide useful answers. Put quality in all your content and do not spam with platform with unnecessary/meaningless questions and answers.

Do not plagiarize, as that is a big no no on the steem blockchain Use your own words and do your own research. Let relevancy guide you in your content.


In order to earn money through musing.io you need to be very very consistent. You need to be patient and ask relevant questions and solve the questions posed by others. To post a question very little time is required but to answer a question it takes lot of pain.

Here the question and answer both are rewarded in the proportion of the time spent, quality of question and answer.

Upvotes come through the community of musing users but the biggest sweetness will come if you get voted by musing account. It has got huge delegation from Steemit Inc and its smallest 1% vote is also equal to 41-45 cents.


If you are new to musing.io then congratulations for finding it.

The site is a question and answer platform where you can ask and answer questions. No rewards are guaranteed and one shouldn't expect anything.  

You have to understand the rules which are fairly basic. No plagiarism and make the answers in your own words. Make the answer simple and precise and doesn't have to be long and lengthy to receive rewards.

If you stick to the guidelines you will have fun learning and testing your knowledge.