How do you feel about music?
Music makes my day. Its my heart beat. Its the rhythm of my life. How does it make you feel?

Oh music makes my day too. It's also my heartbeat and everything you mentioned. One of the scariest exercise I could ever put myself through is to envision myself in a world without music. It makes me shudder, to tell you the truth.

One of the things I love most about music is its inexhaustible vitality. You can't ever get tire of hearing music. And there's always a kind of music for everybody. Music is art of course. Because it is--probably above other things--beautiful. And of course John Keats said Art is Beauty and Beauty is art.

But unlike other art forms, music is remarkably ubiquitous, and accomodating. Music as a Art Form generates no apathy--except perhaps to a person who is remarkably dead inside.

But if you're not one of these people then I don't care who you are or where youre from, there's always a kind of music for you. Some prefer the classics some prefer contemporary music. Some love slow jazz others prefer corybanta and hip hops and fast moving rap.

AND all forms are artistic and beautiful in their own sense and can give as much satisfaction and bliss as the others.

And that is not even mentioning the ability of music to invoke nostalgia. Oh don't you just love it when you're playing a song that you haven't played for a long time and it just brings back some memories that you had the first time you played that song, and you feel everything just like you felt it that first time.

You feel the sensations--happiness, sadness, courage, pity, everything! You remember everything and the memory is just so beautiful. And you know you could not felt it without the music.

And apart from all these I also feel music as a very effective means of therapy. Maybe it's because the mood altering feeling I mentioned earlier. There's always that song or arrangement that never fails to get us up when we're down.

Or calm us down when we're hysterical. And you'd agree with me that there's no more effective method of therapy than this. It's almost magical when you think about it. You feel terrible about the world and everything is bleak, but suddenly as a beat comes on you forget all your sorrows and get on the floor and begin to dance.


And the again music can act as a tool for social advancement. We have of course a lot of artists who have used music towards this end. And it's because they know that nothing has the ability to arouse strong emotions in us human beings than music.

Hell even other animals have been known to respond to music in some tremendous ways.

Lastly I feel music as a Means of Expression/Catharsis. Especially for the artists producing the music. Most of the times we all have strong emotions buried very deep inside us. Emotion that drives is crazy and overwhelms us and makes us feel trapped. Music is a way to just break this boundary and just let everything out--escape from the constant pain and torture of our labored existence.

And even if you're not the original artist who created the music, the best part is that it still works just fine for you. You can still sing it with all the passion you have built up inside you and you'd still feel the same kind of release.

So that's how I feel about music. And that's why I can never ever go without listening to music, in any form.

Cheers and have a nice day.


Music is an expression of our thoughts. A lot of times, we listen to one song over and over again because it relates to our present situation or experience. I don't listen to every music. I select my songs because music have a message carried in them, expressed through words, beats and instruments. I've been a very sensitive person since I was a child. I could listen to a song and within minutes, my mood changes and I'm all sad and unhappy about life. For this reason, growing up, I choose songs that help lift my mood, give me hopes, strengthen my faith and make me feel like I could walk the skies.

I know the value of words. Each time we speak whether consciously or unconsciously, we are making confessions that could either make or Mar us in the future. So, I'm deliberate in my choice of music. The beauty of music is not just in the beats and the sounds but in its meaning. Good lyrics with great beats for me, is a turn on any day. There are times I put a specific song on repeat. The more I hear and sing along, the more it produces the effect of what I sing.

I don't choose songs simply because it is trendy. Just like I don't buy every clothing produced by every manufacturer or designer. I believe that they have people in mind for whom they made such clothes. In same way, I select my songs. Songs that talk ill about people, group of persons, nation or the government are not my kind of songs. The artist of those songs sing such most times to validate their experiences and situation. It doesn't change anything. It isn't meant for everybody but selected sect of which I'm not a part.

Music is like cold water to a thirsty soul. It gives life and energy. There are days I sleep with music and wake up with some songs in my spirit. Music has been a darling saviour to me, like a Knight in shining armor. I can remember how some years ago how I wrote an entrance exam that was to qualify me entrance into college but I failed by some marks less than ten. My spirit was down, my eyes heavy with tears threatening to rain, my friend even made it worse, laughing at my failure.

My confidence was like a deflated tyre. I couldn't even summon courage because I didn't even know where to start. A song by "Sinach titled born to win " was my bailer. The chorus of the song says " I was born to win, I was born to reign in life, I am not defeated, no matter what I see, I will always win, whatever comes my way, I will always win". As I listened over and over and over again, my confidence started to rise like a balloon filled with air pressure. Gradually the feeling of defeat that threatened to keep me down left. I discovered I could even smile and laugh over the situation. My hopes were renewed. Courage filled me like fuel and I was up again, ready to win.

Almost every human like music. Music is a part of our culture. Irrespective of the genre, whether rap, soul, jazz, contemporary and others, I love it as long as it is passing the right message and making the right impact. It doesn't have to be popular, it's good to go for me. I can't imagine a world without music. It's like a world without air. A lot of us will suffocate. There are times my heart is too heavy that I can't open my lips to say a word of prayer. Music helps. It heals. It generate waves both positive and negative. Choose your energy wisely through music.


Classical, Remix, people have different choices! Whatever the type is, listening to the songs in the peaceable! Research says that the habit of listening to music is not only good, but it can save you from multiple diseases. And I don't think that in this 21st century scientists are providing any wrong information. It was known from the time of Darwin. There were no verified documentaries, that's it. Now you may think, music can make your mind fresh it was known by Darwin too? However! While discussing this, Charles Darwin once said, "If I get back to life once again, then I will definitely do two things." I will read the poem, and do not forget to listen to music." Einstein also liked the same. He also said, "If I had not been a researcher, I would definitely have been a musician." So why you are waiting, put earplugs into your ears and listen to the favorite songs.

• Creativity increases: Are you writing, drawing or doing any similar job? Then listen to music for one hour every day. Because last year an international newspaper published, it has been found that listening to music can make a special part of the brain so active that increase the ability of thinking.
•The mind will be happy: All of us have become like a pressure cooker now under the pressure of work. In such situations, the song can become a monster to protect against depression. Whenever it seems that mental pressure is going out of hand, only 15 minutes of time listen to any music of choice. You will see the black clouds of depression will be cut. At the same time, reducing the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and other heart diseases. As a result, the path of healthy living is wide. Standing where you are going to stand! There is more to say! In some research, it has also been found that when you will practice of listening to music, the body's immune system continues to grow.
• Insomnia goes away: Famous German poet Barthold Orchard once said about this, "The whole dirt is spreading on our souls all day long, the song cleanses all the dirt." The song is the medicine, which comes through the ears to enter the inside of the body.
• Reduce depression: statistics say 350 million people worldwide are suffering from mental exhaustion. Get rid of it listen to music. Because it has already been proved that music plays a special role in reducing depression as well as reducing symptoms related to it.
• Helps reduce weight: Surely, what is the relationship of weight loss with the song, so? A group of researchers at Georgia Tech University have found that directly linked to weight by listening to the songs. In fact, when listening to music, the tendency to eat excessive diet decreases. As a result, the fear of increasing weight decreases. 


Music.... Have you ever gone a day without water or better still, crossed a dessert without water. That need that surpasses all other. That need that can drive a man mad. That feeling is what i have for music.

It gives me the motivation to work, to be better. Its basically has always been there for me. From when my mom died till date. Its been a source of solace and joy. I knew this a long time ago when my mom died.

Now, when i say music, i do not mean generally. Its the ones that actually make some sense and talk you through the lyrics and attack your soul through the words

Music has always been my companion and i cherish it more than most things and sometimes people.


Music makes me feel alive. It has been my companion ever since.  Music has the power to make me feel emotions.

It makes me feel emotions. When I feel down and discouraged, I listen to happy songs and worship songs. In that way, my mood will be lightened up and I will feel better after listening to it. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the difficulties brought by life but somehow, music always find its way to brighten up my day.

When I feel inspired, I listen to songs that could further boost up my spirit, upbeat songs that inspire me to organize my life and move. When I feel down, I sometimes listen to music that are a bit mellow, it is like the singer is talking to me. It is like having a friend by your side.

It helps me focus. When I am studying, I listen to music that helps me focus. Like piano or violin. The music helps me focus on what I am studying and helps my brain relax and retain information.

It brings people together. Music plays an important part in culture. For example, there are certain songs sung during celebrations or fiestas that could bring people together in unity. Also, if I find people  with the same music taste as me, we could be closer and I could somehow connect to that someone in a deeper level.

Music plays a vital role in my life. I hope my answer helps!


I enjoy the music I enjoy, I really get irritated by the music that I do not enjoy.

I guess it's fair to leave it at this.


Can;t imagine a day without music. I is what keeps me going (together with my family of course).

I played a lot of bands and just joined a new one with my brother.

So music plays a big part of my life 

Thanks !!