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What kind of place do you take a girl on the first date? ?

Hmmmm, first dates.... The event that makes or breaks the beginning of a relationship. Well, i cannot speak for her but in my opinion, i think you should not over do it.

Now, for me, i feel security is my biggest concern when i go out with or without people. So i would feel safe if we happen to go to a safe spot where there are numerous exits and averagely social.

People say food is the way to a mans heart but my dear i promise you that its the way to a womans heart too. Without being overly extravagant, we could totally get good food and drinks from places that are not expensive and watch how she lights up while you guys eat and talk.

Some girls happen to be shy while eating outside. So if you happen to see a place where you can buy the food and still sit to talk, let her sit where she won't be stared at while she eats.


It's best you take her to a place where both of you will be free with each other and converse freely. Going to a restaurant is the usual place most people go to for first date because it's quite calm and they can talk freely. Any place that both of you will be free with each other and feel safe is ok.


Resto and cafe, yes I don't have much free time, so I can't take him to a beautiful island where there are beautiful bungalows and spend vacation time together while dating, hopefully someday I can realize that dream if the price steers back skyrocketing .

Restaurants and cafes are also interesting, we can get to know each other better, especially drinks and food that we like, your partner will also find out in the near future, what you like and what you don't like, especially in terms of food and drinks.