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Is there a downside in following a curation trail through Steemauto / Steemvoter? Do think it contributes to the inactivity of the Users of Steemit platform?

As far as I know auto vote bot is a good idea for Steemit users that are unable to keep track on their supported author's articles. It actually solve the inactivity when it comes to the curation part.

The other beauty of it is the fact that there are communities or solo curators that are doing a great job when it comes to curating quality contents who set-up a curation trail for everyone to follow. Since scouting for quality contents isn't easy to accomplishment through the platform, there are hardworking communities who tirelessly look through the posts and trying to discover contents that are deserving to be recognized or being largely upvoted.

By following their curation trail, you are basically supporting the communities' goal and indirectly supporting an author's article that is deemed to be of good quality.

Personally, I think that this is best thing that you can do in Steemit if in case you don't have the luxury of time to do it.

Now, what are the downside or possibly the bad effect for this way of curation?

I've read some feedback about it, several months ago, one of the author is basically highlighting the fact that even though the article receive a decent amount of reward and few hundreds of voters (which is considered good in Steemit standard), the article only receive a few comments. Why is that? It means that very few people actually saw the article. And it received very little engagement.

Well, if an author is only here for the reward then that's ok. But for some authors they also want to receive some feedback from the community and possibly engage to them to share their insights to one another.

Like in any other good things that we can have, there will also a downside to it. Even so, I still think that there is more good to it than its bad side.

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While everything I do believe that have a good and bad side. While as for the matter  about this I really would like to say that there are really some benefits along with the  downside of the usage of both Steemauto/Steemvoter

For instance the 1st thing that comes to mind is Steemvoter takes a small charge I believe (correct me I am wrong) whereas Steemauto is free for which the user of Steemauto is quite large in compared to Steemvoter.

Now coming to the common things that happen in following a Curation Trail

The voting Power gets limited

This issue is found in a lot of users as the usage of VP seems to drain very much easily if the trail has that much member. Which in a way keep in check with a user of how that person can use the VP to manually upvote others. In which some restriction comes by to follow for that user in order to regenerate the VP for that user. 

After following  a trail I do believe those who are put in auto vote if they are not checked what type of content they are creating than if they start to misuse my upvote it will really hurt to know that MY VP is being used in a negative way. 

Despite this common facts I do believe that curation Trail (Those are maintained properly) are really beneficial and they can really make the Steem journey of few users very much reliable and make their Steem Journey quite fascinating as well.

While many users can not be all time active in here so being on a curation trail or putting someone in autovote makes them realize they are doing their part in contributing to others with the SP that they have in their account. 

While the curation reward is also helpful in that case . While we can not be all time active so following a curation trail could allow us to Upvote others in a maximize way and yet it becomes profitable and communicative for us well. 


My view on this issue is that curation trail as its ups and down. The opinions which people gives concerning this issues could differ due to the differents perspectives in which people choose to look at it from..

To me, I think the curation trail makes the wealthy investors with a lot of steem power very lazy and also make their accounts to be dormant due to the fact that their is an auto upvote system in place which allows them to upvote a post an earn rewards or steem power without them even being online for so long to monitor what and what their accounts is upvotings.. Some accounts could go months without dropping a post or making a comments, but will still earn more than the common folks wo are online day and night..

So to me, this little observations, helps ascertain that steem auto also posses as an agents that discourages the rich or wealthy to be active on the steemit.com platform


Due to lack of time, I am using Steemauto for auto-upvote towards people I follow. Another things is for curation trail of the team I am supporting. It can help to reward Steemians who write quality contents by following the trail of curation teams as well.

Regarding your question whether it contributes to inactivity, all it can do is auto-upvote and it can't affect ones activities. It was used by people who have time constraints by rewarding other people and not to promote inactivity. People are inactive because of their expectations that aren't met when they were being referred to the platform.


No. I don't think there is a downside to following a curation trail. I personally run a curation guild called 'Fellowship of the STEEM' and I have a solid 7 users that follow the trail. I would be more than happy to see more hop aboard!

Curating is a great was to passively earn more STEEM. Auto curation helps you earn when you are not at your computer or when you are busy doing something else in real life.

Guilds and Trails are great! I think it helps the platform overall.

 A link to my guild:



It is a great way for passive income. But it also uses your vote power. So if you are active then you do not want to follow curation Trail usually if you have low steemit power. Or if you have a good amount of power then you can follow a curation Trail at a low percentage of vote power and still interact on a daily basis on steemit. You do need to realize that when you follow a larger curation trails that you will get less return because there are more people to split the same amount of curation between.