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What are the distinctive advantages of side chains?
  1. With a side chain, the burden on the main chain is reduced as it does not consume the computation power of main chain and it consumes the computation power of its own side chain only.
  2. Side chain can act as an independent blockchain.
  3. If the side-chain's security if compromised, it is not going to affect the security of main-chain.
  4. A side-chain can be inter-operable with the main-chain and other side-chains.
  5. A side-chain can be designed to have its own token, own consensus protocol, own wallet etc.
  6. With side-chain concept scalability is significantly improved. Some of the blockchain with the provision of side-chains can scale up to millions of transactions per second.
  7. A side-chain can be able to interact with different cryptocurrencies.
  8. Developers can go for beta testing of software upgrades in side-chain before implementing the same for main-chain.