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Do you believe love in first time sight? If are you beliving, how you can offer?

Of course I do. In fact, it happened to me. I had never had a boyfriend because normally no one attracted me so much that I became someone's girlfriend. Once, I had to travel far from home, and arrived at a place where I was introduced to what would be the great love of my life. When I saw him, I immediately knew we were meant to be together. I felt as if all my life had been waiting for him, as if a part of me had been lost and I had found it at that moment. At first it was a crush, but in the course of the week I was in that house, we realized that we had fallen in love. Our relationship worked immediately: we fit in perfectly! The first time we hugged the two of us we felt as if each was a broken piece that fitted the other, as well as when a puzzle is missing a piece and you put it on and it's complete. Well, that's it. Eventually, he told me that he also felt the same, that when I arrived it was as if he had been waiting for me all my life. It was love at first sight!


I don't seem to understand the end part of your question but no I do not believe in love at the first sight. That sort of thing only happens in the movies. They paint love as a sudden outburst of emotion where it feels magical and suddenly all you see is that person and no one else and the world is spinning and you feel like you are floating.

All that is theatrics. What you feel when you see someone for the first time is attraction and not love. It is a mix of chemicals firing off making you feel that sudden excitement and rush of emotions that knocks you off your feet.

You can not fall in love with a stranger. You can't love someone you don't know. Love isn't sudden, it does not arise out of thin air, it is created and grows as you get to know someone. At first sight like you used the word "sight", all you see is physical attractions. He prolly is tall and well dressed and then he smiles at you and you feel like you've ben shot by the Cupid arrow. That is because his physical appearance is what you have been visiting so finding it feels like expectations have been met. It is not love, it is infatuation.

I am not saying you can't later on fall in love after all for us all it firsts starts with physical attraction which is infatuation and then grows into love. Love goes beyond physical attraction to a desire to motivate, encourage, support and seek the total wellbeing of a person. You can only say you love only when the love has been tried and it survives.

Love is a connection not an attachment


No, it should be lust at first sight! love develop after months or even years really, because that is the time what you need to know someone better and then you can fall in love with that person. The only problem is that lust can trick us thinking that we love someone, while lust can be activated by any stranger!


I do not believe in love at first sight.

It could be attraction at first sight, crush at first sight or lust at first sight.

I believe it is possible to like someone at first time meeting him, but it is not love. There will still be some time no matter how short before there will be real love. That is the phase where you will be getting to know each other.

I do not think that it will be automatically love just because he or she is good looking for you. You still need to know the person behind that lovely face.

The only love at first sight I could believe into is when a mom or dad see their newly born baby. Or a grandparent seeing their grandchild for the first time and vice versa.

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I believe in attraction at first sight but not love. You can admire someone for their physical appearance or first impression but that's not synonymous to loving them. 


Various people says 'All expending, moment worship' is a legend yet I have a substitute view over this. People says it start with looks and interest, anyway my experience denies it. 

My experience says a BIG YES , it exist not in motion pictures yet rather furthermore truth be told in addition. Genuinely it is right that at your 'first sight minute' you won't comprehend it whether it is love or just an interest yet as time goes on you will wind up familiar with what was that interest or unexplainable reverence and it will plainly does not depend upon the manner in which that whether with time you have started bantering with him/her. Strange !!! 

Allow me to unveil to you my story and lets name it " Life kee Aafat" :P 

I was a clear customary child till I accomplished my graduation school. I barely talked with young women in school. I used to play PC entertainments, listen tunes with scarcest thought about stanzas, to some degree sensitive person. I never placed stock in thought of squash/love stuff till I accomplished my graduation school. 

All things being equal, what happened when I accomplished my school for enlistment? ( "Aisa kya ho gaya" ). To be straightforward telling that day was reliably persevering basic day of my life since I saw my "LIFE kee AAFAT" for the first time.Luckily, we were encountering that cumbersome enlistment traditions in the meantime. It may not looks as stimulating as I am clarifying, yet rather yes I had seen two most guiltless eyes, two most mitigating things I have seen till date. The eyes which were expressing like " kahaan aa gaye yaar!!". Really, I had started chatting with her eyes. All of a sudden I was genuinely getting a charge out of looking a young woman without impediments. Looking made me feel like that "In my life there is no issue". 

I was with her 3– 4 hrs , anyway she hadn't seen me even once. She even didn't smiled once in those 3– 4 hrs. She was carefully completing her enrollment traditions. The First sight minute completed after 3– 4 hrs. Likewise, charm had started in my life. 

* I had started pondering sections in tunes . 

* I am no more bad tempered person. 

* That "first sight legitimate face" was significantly printed inside me is still with me. 7 years have been passed yet her face/smile/eyes/genuineness/flag/honesty/technique for talking and some more, flashes step by step before my eyes starting from the day of selection ( not a single day is vacant ). Besides, it make me feel so playful after it. 

I don't know why these things comes to pass. Nevertheless, I altogether appreciates these changes. 

To complete my answer , I will state YES all expending, moment love exists, in light of the way that after my first sight event I get know couple of things 

* you can have boundless affection for anyone altogether more odd. 

* You can get loosening up and quieting feelings just by considering someone. 

* You can viably satisfy some all the more intriguing if he/she ask for to do thusly at that first minute.