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What is the actual best way for anyone to improve their writing skills?

The first step in improving one's writing is to identify what kind of writer you want to be; what exactly do you want to write? Prose or poetry? Fiction or non fiction? Sci fi or fantasy?

While there are some gifted geniuses who can write everything--who can go from a five thousand word essay one day and then write a five thousand words short story the next; write a complete book of poetry while also writing a hundred thousand word fantasy novel, not all of us are wired that way, in fact most of us aren't! So the first thing I would recommend is to identify the exact field where you want to write.

A way to know this is to think on what made you want to be a writer in the first place. For most people it is the impulse we receive from getting inspired by a writer whose writing we completely relate to, and are awed by. For me that writer was F. Scott Fitzgerald, and having read him I decided I'd love to write like that guy, so I knew prose writing was the way for me to go.

For others it may not be Scott Fitzgerald for others it might be the writings of Cynthia Oznick or Harold Bloom then you know that you want to become an essay writer and a literary critic; for some it may be the poetry of Ralph Waldo Emerson, then you know that being a poet is the way to go. By first identifying the cause of your yearnings to be a writer, and which particular writer caused this yearning, you can choose a path and do your best to follow it!

Having done this the next step is to READ! read, read AND read. Every single book you can find that relate to the kind of literature you want to write. Read your favourite author, the person who inspired you in the first place, then read every other writer in that genre. IF you want to be a science fiction writer read Ayn Rand and L. Ron Hubbard, if you want to write fantasy you can read George R.R Martin and J.K Rowling and every book in that genre. YOu'll find out that by reading them, not just for enjoyment, but also studying the patterns, eccentricities and style of these writers you accumulate different styles yourselves and be well equipped to make your own.

Influences are not very uncommon in writing. In fact without influence I don't think any acclaimed writer can be whatever they are today. Even the greatest writers got influenced by another one, so the thing to do is take this influence and use it to your own strength. Use it to find your inner voice so that you can create your own style and be the writer that you want to be.

Then the apparently most obvious part: WRITE! You want to be a writer, right? Then do just that! Write write write. It doesn't matter if you suck at first. Learn from your mistakes. Start from the basic descriptions, write dialogues, you might even transcribe real dialogues and then move on to creating dialogues for yourselves and whenever you hit a roadblock or you're trying to do something and can't figure out how it's done, go back to the book. Read some more! See how the experts did it and try to do it yourself. If you don't write you won't be able to know these areas where you are lacking, but if you keep writing, keep improving, keep going back and checking yourself, in no time before you would have perfected the basic important aspects.

Be an Obsever: As a writer you must have keen eyes for observations. You must be conscious of your surroundings and take notes of things; ordinary things people might overlook. You must be able to see the beauty in every day occurrences and significance in petty things. You must be able to observe situations from an uncommon angle, and then write about it!

Finally to survive as a writer you must ask yourself constantly: How bad do I want this? Writing isnt easy, from the act itself to putting yourself out there, to people telling you you're not good enough, to getting rejections from publishers and journals etc. But a true writer will always write, regardless of the situation. Because it is in their very nature. Do you hear voices in your head pushing you to write? Is there something in your heart that keeps drumming it into you; do you feel uncomfortable when a long time's passed without you getting anything down?

Then congratulations! you're on your way to being the greatest writer the world has ever seen.



The short answer: reading and writing.

Obviously, the key to become a solid writer is to write a lot. The more you write, the better you get at it. Yet, while there are many available tools to improve your skills, the first factor is to actually find great examples of awesome writing. Which is done by reading.

If you read lots of great authors, or writers/journalists, you will subconsciously pick up their grammatical (and narrative) prowess, which will help you to develop your own style.

In this online era, one can also easily write, publish and ask for feedback. A platform like Medium is ideal thanks to its collaboration features. Alternatively, you could use tools such as hackmd.io, an excellent free Markdown editor, with collaboration features.

If you blog with WordPress, you can use their free grammar check. Alternatively you could use the free version of Grammarly. Neither are perfect but they definitely do catch many errors.

Two more things to remember:

1. Even the best authors didn’t become success stories overnight. Stephen King was rejected hundreds of times.

2. The best published authors all have the benefit of having an editor/proofreader.

Now... go write!

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Writing skill takes gradual processes to actually build, for example mastering the act of prose writing or essay can be difficult however it's definitely not impossible really. People are always very lazy these days when it comes to writing or even reading, because it takes energy, total concentration and time so the first thing in doing when you want to improve your writing skill is to let go of laziness, laziness is the main reason why people cannot write as a result of the tedious processes that it involves, when laziness is snuffed out then it opens doors for the other steps.

Secondly you need to study texts, textbooks and increase your reading range; knowledge doesn't come easy, you need to study from recommended texts from library or book stores buy tutorial books on how to improve your writing skills and also based on the categorization of the writing skill you want to improve, study English textbooks to learning grammerization. Sentence formations, the parts of speeches Concords (unless you're not writing in English language) apart from that read almost anything that interests you and pick the books of established authors and read their works to understand their pattern of writing.

The next thing will be to write; writing actually improvises writing skills, it doesn't matter if you're doing bad before you started out but since you're actually reading you need write as a part of your learning process to actually become a good writer with good skills, it will be very frustrating in the first two weeks but with time you'll also come to adapt to these in order to improve your writing skills


I downloaded Grammarly and it has helped me a lot on simple mistakes I was making. It shows you what you did wrong and it gives suggested fixes if you hover over it with your mouse cursor. 


Practise makes perfect, so they say. I started writing at 18 and I can say there has been improvement since then and it's all due to practise.


Expand your knowledge, that way you get to see the world for from different perspectives.

If you're into creative writing, I will quote the words of Stephen King:

***writers born and not made***

Though I do not totally agree with this but it holds some truth. If you have this gift then all it takes is for you to harness your creative power through constant practise, like I said earlier.

Another important thing: find your path. We all can't be great writers, and the word 'great' is relative . So enjoy what you do. The second most important thing is 'impact'. If at least one person can relate with your work then my friend you've done something. It might not be considered as 'great' but it's worth something


By reading.

The more you read the bigger your vocabulary increases. You can read different styles of writing and subconsciously will improve how you think when you write.

I think when it comes to writing you have to enjoy it and not see it as something you have to do. The more you write the better you will be. You can try different techniques and play around to see what you are good at.

Once you have practiced you could get people to read it and critique it and see where you can improve. Over time who knows where you will end up.


What I believe, is research on the work that you want to be better at.

In order to improve the writing skill one must do is research in whatever platform he/she wants to get better at. A better knowledge can allow you to write things much more easily and much more of a neat way. 

Keep in mind Grammar and Spellings are one of the most basics in order to improve in writing skills.

The second thing is read a lot, whenever one gets to read from a book,internet or from any other source it enriches the knowledge and you will get to know how other thinks and how other performs. Which will enhance your knowledge. Thus improvement in your skill.

Source: Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/en/letter-handwriting-written-ink-447577/)

Engage with other as because if you get to learn them and do not explore your skill or what you are capable of than you might still be in cage. Engaging with others and by doing mistakes will allow you to know what mistakes you still have and what parts you will have to work at.


Write is an art. Writing is a skill which helps us a lot. Writing skill helps us to communicate with other by message or email. In mordern days writing is useful for any kind of works. For appling jobs, write an application etc. So, we should improve our writing skill.

Writing is a part of our study. We reads book so that we can write. For writing, we have to know about the subject that we wants to write. So, we should read a lot. If we read then we can gather a lot of words that's help us to write. And it also help our writing skill. 

Writing on any topic is important. It will improve your writing skills. Anyone who tries to write on a topic every day, it also helps to improve writing skills. Everyday write a short paragraph, letter, application etc are also improve writing skill. Write a short paragraph, letter, application etc. everyday writing skills can be improved.

To improve writing skill you should know about punctuation marks. Punctuation marks is one part of writing skill. Punctuation marks are used  to shown in the end of the line, start, where to stop 1 second, where not to stop or where to stop at once.  So it can be said that punctuation is also improve writing skill.

I think everybody should follow above subjects. Following the above mentioned subjects can improve writing skill.


First of all, they should read a lot of different kinds of texts. Secondly, they should write a lot and reflect on how they write and always try to improve their writing. Paying attention grammar pays. There's a ton of material available on the Internet on that, too.


Study and practice.

Apologies, I know we as a whole figure it should simply fall into place, however it doesn't.

It is an aptitude you need to learn simply like carpentry or block laying.


Simply to write more. With greater volume comes greater fluency. When it is easier for you to produce text, it will be easier for you to practice specific writing skills or improve your weak areas. The same applies to any skill. Just do it. When you write often and a lot, you'll gain experience and there is no substitute to actual writing experience to provide you or anyone else insight into your writing process.