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What are the things you need to be successful in life ?
One of the aim of everyone in life is to be successful. Success is what everyone wants to achieve but only few people get success because few people hunt for success. Everyone wants to be successful but no one is ready to pay the price for success, how is that possible?
The fact is if you really want to be successful, you need to follow the steps and procedures to make you successful.
I am able to come up with the below points indicating the ingredient of success.

* **SET A GOAL**: You have to set your target or goal. Every successful individual always have what they are working for. You have to set up a goal to enable you to focus on where you are going. It's just like you know where you are aiming at whenever you set a goal. Setting up a goal enables you to focus on the path that will lead you to success. Always make sure you set up your goal. You can achieve this by writing down your goals and develop the attitude of achieving your goals.

* **MAKE A PLAN**: Planning is very important to enable you achieve success. Without plan, you lack direction and path that can make you successful. Always make sure you write down your plan. Every successful individual always have their plan and they set up their plan which aids their success.

* **DEDICATION**: One of the habit of successful people is the ability to give 100% dedication to their goals. They are always hungry for success and they dedicate their effort, time and everything they are capable of giving just to become successful. Always make sure you dedicate whatever you have to make you accomplish your mission.

* **FOCUS**: The best ingredient of success is to stay focused. Don't be distracted by mere things that can hinder your success. Always starve your focus and feed your success. Your power of focus must be very intense such that it ignites your passion to be successful.

* **BELIEVE IN YOURSELF**: Every successful individual never give up on their goals. They have the habit of "self belief". Once you believe in your self, you attain confidence and with confidence you can achieve anything in life. Always believe in yourself and never give up. Once you have develop your self confidence, you are close to achieving success.

* **WORK HARD AND WORK SMART**: The more work you put in, the higher your chances of succeeding. Always ensure you work very hard and also engage in smart work. This qualities will surely make you successful.

* **CHARACTER**: Character is a means of attaining success. Shiv Khera once stated that 80% of your success is determined by your character while the remaining 20% is by your intellectual ability. Always ensure you have a good character towards people and always ensure you respect everyone. Your character plays a major role in your success.
The above point has made me adopted a story which explains the concept of success via attitude. The story is narrated below.

### A Short Story
There was a man who left his village to the city for the search of job. He left with just a few balance in his pocket and he decided to keep going for job hunt around the city.
After his strenuous effort, he wasn't able to get any job offer. He had to sit down under a tree just to have some rest because he was very tired. While he was sitting, he noticed different children passing his front with different balloons. He decided he was going to start selling balloons. With his little balance, he was able to set up a small store where he can be trading his balloons.
Different kids began to stare at the sky due to his flying balloons. This brought a sense of amusement to everyone and he was able to sell plenty balloons. He always filled balloons with Helium to make them fly higher.

One day a kid ask him, "if you release the blue Balloon, will it also fly higher like the black one?" The balloon seller really got touched with the question asked by the small boy. He replied by telling him "the balloons don't fly, but the content inside the balloons makes them fly higher".

### Lessons Deducted

I was able to deduct the following lessons from the above story.
* **SACRIFICE**: The village man had to sacrifice by leaving his village to the city just to hunt for success and he eventually became successful. This implies that successful people make alot of sacrifices

* **RECOGNIZING OPPORTUNITIES**: The village man noticed different kids with balloons and he was able to recognize the opportunity by starting a Balloon business. Not only recognizing opportunity, you maximise the opportunity to it's fullest potential. The village man was able to insert Helium into the balloons compared to other balloons seller which brought him a uniqueness quality in his job

* **ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING**: The balloons were able to fly higher because of what is in them. This also applies to people, your attitude will make you grow higher in life. Always make sure you have positive attitude because it will impact your success.

Thanks for reading and always make sure you strive to be successful and always remember you have to hunt for success by leaving your comfort zone.
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First of all define what success means to you, what are your haves and not haves in this definition of success. Now these haves and not haves are your targets to achieve. You've got yourself a goal in life, congratulations!

Now we have to set some parameters and come up with a strategy to achieve these goals. You have to follow this strategy and respect these parameters. Now comes DISCIPLINE in play. You need it in order to follow your strategy. To quote Mortimer J. Adler on discipline: "True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline." That should hint you how important this discipline is in this journey. On a side note, I would recommend a short story "Memento Mori by Jonathan Nolan" it has some very strong words on discipline and how to stay focussed which is the next stop in this journey.

Staying focussed is a very crucial part here. Once you lose your focus, everything goes poof! Staying focussed and disciplined you now have to work hard and smart towards the execution of your plan. Along the way grab any opportunity that comes your way, learn at every step and most importantly maintain a receptive attitude.

And last but not the least keep believing in yourself, it's crucial for staying motivated. At the end of the road, when you've reached your destination and achieved "SUCCESS" it's time you give something back to the society, help those who are struggling just like you once were and make their journey easier.

Hope it helps and have a good day.

A good mentor or mentor can provide a clear map / blueprint of the order of things to learn and what to do in order to be successful. This is based on a lot of experience and learning possessed by mentors or mentors.

A good mentor or mentor can motivate you to take the first step that is usually the most difficult for you to do.

A good mentor or mentor can help you focus more on learning and doing the most important things first and help you ignore things you don't need to know (This is very important when you have access to unlimited information like today) . People with most information generally get confused and never take action!

A good mentor or mentor can give you enthusiasm / motivation to get back up if you are down or discouraged when facing difficulties or challenges.

A good mentor or mentor can give you help with ideas and solutions when you face a dead end because he already has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field.
One of the really important things that I guess a person needs in order to be successful is discipline. Other than that, we need to keep trying out different ways of the things we love to do and try to monetize it. We have to do it from our heart instead of just for the money. Even though at some point of time, what we do may look like a failure, i guess we have to still be persistence and try it out again. One day eventually, even though the success may come
This is a subjective question!

And a good one.

It depends of course on what you consider to be successful.

Whatever you wish to achieve though needs a few key ingredients.

The one that has stood me in good stead is:


Not trying the same thing, but never ceasing to keep trying to achieve whatever goal it is that I wish to achieve.

If you love what you do, you will persist, so finding out what you truly love to do is a key as well.

If you take the other two and fuel them both with passion, well, you will truly be on fire and succeed for sure.

E-GO 2018

Well, the things required for o be successful in life. One thing i know is THE ENVIRONMENT. if a person has a good environment, he can be a successful person. And POSITIVE MIND a peeaon that can be optimistic in life and see postivity, can move to any height.
Continuously plan for an impressive future:

The vast majority set their objectives little and are upbeat to get it, while a few people endeavor to get a major objective yet can not accomplish it. That is the reason you set your objectives at the top of the priority list and think greater.

2. Discover what you get a kick out of the chance to do and do a similar thing:

In the event that you work as per your advantage then you give it 100 percent. In the event that you do your function admirably and you don't receive anything consequently, at that point you comprehend that you are driving the way of progress.

Figure out how to adjust your life:

There are nonstop numerous kinds of fights going ahead in our lives; Family and business, peace and strife, and so forth. We can not be capable in anyone but rather how we handle it guarantees our prosperity.

4. Try not to fear disappointment:

One popular saying is that disappointment implies that achievement has not been endeavored entire personality. Disappointment gives a chance to restart some work that a similar work should be possible all the more completely.

5. Decide the Success:

When you choose that whatever it is, we need to buckle down, we need to accomplish our objective, at that point this determination makes us effective. This determination must be looked after persistently.

6. Be wary:

A few people are this way, at that point they set enormous objectives yet they don't do any activity as per which they can not succeed. To be fruitful, you need to work harder as per the objective.
Things needed to attain success in life will differ from one person to another. For me, the things I need are in this particular order:

- God
- Hardwork
- Money/capital
- Determination & resilience
- The love and support of my family and friends