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Why is it easy to spend money you did not earn but very hard to spend if you earned it??

       SImple. Because we didn't sweat to earn the money. If we did, we would know the value and not just spend it anyhow.       


When we know the real value of money and feel how hard it is to earn money, I think, That's made understand how we should spend our money wisely. 

When we was child, most of us claimed money from our parents and spend that on some sort of useless things. Some also demands too much money for new gadgets or so. As because we did not have the understanding of the value of money. 

When we earn money, we get to know how hard it is to earn it. We have to work hard daily, have to take lots of pressure and stress and end of the day there is rel cash in our hand. We have to go through many struggle, mental pressure to reach our goal. So spending that hard earned cash is not easy for us. 

But If we get free money, like lottery or so, we like to spend too much or buy something we will never give a thought to buy. That's because we did not work hard to get it. There is no attachments with the money, we do not give the same value to that free money. 

That's the reason I believe why we can easily spend the money we did not earned and hard for us to spend it when we earned it.  

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This question is kind of funny and I can pretty much relate to it. It's really true that spending money which was given to us is much easier than spending our hard earned money.

I don't know the exact reason for it, but here's what I think... 

If someone try to spend his or her hard-earned money, it's really difficult to do so, because they are aware on how they earned it. The sacrifices, hard work and effort they have put into earning that money is there. It's difficult for them to spend it, especially on mere wants.

In contrast, if one receives money from another person... it feels like "easy-money". You didn't put any effort in earning it, so a person would feel more free to spend it. The idea of "It wasn't difficult for me to get this money, so I can easily let go of this through spending." 

As for the hard earned money, we tend to think "I spent too much time and effort in earning this, so I should spend it wisely, or spend it on things that are worthy of it.


When I was kid I used to get all my pocket money from parents and I never realised the value of it. I used to think that earning money was so easy and my father have lot of money with him so never ever cared about it and spent for whatever I wanted to buy without even second thought.

But as I grew up and started earning then I understood the value of money. Now I spent whole day in office for 22 days in a month then I get salary once in a month and I feel that day amazing when salary is credited in my bank account.

Getting salary credit SMS is the best message every month. Though I spend for all my and my family needs but always think whether it's really necessary to buy or am I going waste money. I try to spend money wisely rather than just wasting because I think whatever money is saved is earned and spent one is gone.

We must save money for future or for any emergency. It's better to save it rather than using liability or asking from someone else in case of evermegeny.

Thank you.


Well that's because money that's just given to you or money that you don't work for just doesn't hold as much value as money that you worked hard for. Moreover, when you know that you're going to work just as hard to get more money then it makes you spend earned money more wisely.

In my experience, money that you didn't earn is usually never in anyone's budget so it's more of excess money to alot of people and that's why they can use it to splurge. When you work for money it's because you have meaningful things to do with it, things that you've planned for, hence it's always more difficult to spend that money than money you didn't earn.

Nobody wants to let go of anything they worked hard for, most especially when you know you have to work hard again to get more. It's easy to let go of things you didn't earn because simply out, you never worked hard for it in the first place.

I hope this helps.

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This is actually something happening amongst most people including me myself. It's very difficult to spend your handwork money lavishly because you knew what it takes to get that money. Before spending this type of money, you would have made a plan on how you will spend such money without wasting the money to avoid regretting it later.

I can bear a witness to this because I find it very difficult to spend my earned Steemit income lavishly because I knew what I went through before earning such amount not to talk about the unfavorable market condition in the crypto space today. I believe when we work very hard to make money, we will surely be careful about how we can spend the money.

Some people may spend the money they don't earn from their sweat lavishly because they never went through deep stress to earn such money. This is why some people who earned money through fraud or any other illegal business may seem to be living a lavish lifestyle, flaunting their lifestyle on social media just to show off to people. These set of people can spend a billion on small amount of food instead of investing.

In conclusion, I believe the money earned through one's hardwork will seem difficult to spend lavishly other than the money not earned through stress or earned through scams because you will always want to spend your earned hardwork money very carefully to avoid having nothing or staying poor or broke.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


If you did not earn it, you will not know Its true value.

No scratch that, if you did not hustle, toil and sweat for it then it won't pain you to spend it.

I say this because there are scammers who throw money anyhow, its not because they dnt hustle for it but because they got a huge amount of Money in a Much easier way than the ones they have stolen from. Same as the likes. Of politicians who live extravagantly.