What musing needs improvement on?
I have been using musing for last couple days and so far I like it, but have some suggestions that can make it even better. 1) Editor while posting answers, for some reason it only appears when you edit your answers. 2) This is my personal view, those emojis next to top/new/hot should be removed. Does not look professional. 3) Save login, I have to login everytime again when I close the browser and re-open the musing website. 4) Save drafts, I pressed back button twice by mistake (using mobile) and everything I wrote vanished — it's really annoying. 5) Option of 'accepted answer'. 6) Markdown support. 7) Steem keychain support. What else improvements you want to see?

Probably a wallet transfer interface and down voting functions. Not necessarily harm the reward of a user but a rating unique to the platform. There are some answers to technical questions that come off as erroneous and poorly translated. There are occasional spams. Down voting in musing does not affect rewards in the blockchain a user may have. But it does help reflect how that particular user is perceived by the musing community.