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What are things you do that made your life easier?
I recently started doing one thing at a time and it surely made a difference. What about you?

Plenty of time for self-care.

Not giving a fuck about what other people think.

Tons of inner work.

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Finding Steemit. Getting involved with Cryptocurrency.

Meeting friends and getting to know new people. This has really made my life so much easier.


Finding Steem has made my life much easier than it was before I came here


One thing I learnt from my life is, we have to be on our track no matter what. We have to achieve our dream, do our job, reach the destiny no matter what other people say about us. Now a days I don't give much attention to what people think about me, for my action and for my lifestyle.  

I am trying to put less attention to people's choice rather focusing on my own goal. I think that is the thing which is making my life easier. 

I am from a conservative Muslim country. We have to listen to our family for our life choices. And as a married there comes many other responsibilities and obligations. We have to obey our In-law's house rules and so. And it is not easy to make any decision with out their concern. 

I came to learn that this is not helping me for my desired living.  It is not possible to listen to others to make my choices. So I stoped to listen other people in terms of my life choices. I am now a days don't care what other people think about my work, my way of running my own house, my clothing and everything. It is making my path easy to achieve my goal and helping me to stay on the right way to do my stuffs. 

That does not mean that I do not care for them or do not respect them. I just do not take their choices on my life decisions anymore. And that's the right choice I believe.   

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I believe God made Life to be lived easy. However, it is us men that makes it complicated.

For me, the best way to make our life easy is to be contented with what we have. When we ask more than what we deserve, then complications follow. Because we are not contented, we do everything, by hook or by crook, in order for us to have what we really want. 


 If you really want to make your life easier then you should concentrate on yourself rather then you agree with other peoples thoughts & choices. I am sure If you start life with your own lifestyle and with your own choice, I bet you will make your life convenient. I have suggested that because I have passed this experience and this actually worked for me.

When you stop to listen to what's other peoples saying about you then you live life conveniently more efficiently. But we can take other thoughts If their words from your family members like your loved, parents, and your siblings then you can listen to their thoughts. But don't listen other peoples, what are they saying about your life.

Make own decision, goal, plans, and stick on it. Then you can achieve in life what you want beside listening other peoples mind. Just you can make your life easier If you really want to be successful in your own life.  


There are lots of things and adjustments I made in my life that made living much easier. Here are the following:

  • Minding my own business and stop comparing myself to others. Before, I often find myself sulking into self pity because of comparing myself to others. But then, when I tried to change my perspective about success and instead focus on my own growth, I become happier and more successful. I strive to be more successful than myself in the past and not against other person. In that way, I tend to celebrate my success with the little milestones I achieved in life rather than looking at the things I lack and seek.
  • Being grateful. There are times when we look at the negative side of life more often than looking at the blessings we have and acquired and I believe that being grateful is a good attitude towards this. When I started being more grateful, I become happier and more contented in life. It made my life easier because I often see the brighter side of life and see what I have instead of the things I do not have.
  • Planning ahead. Setting a schedule may be one of the most helpful things I did. Setting a realistic schedule and planning ahead made my life easier in such a way that I may be able to utilize the time I have to accomplish the tasks I needed to accomplish. Also, it helped me get away with the feeling of frustration associated of feeling overwhelmed when faced a large task to accomplish.
  • Being on time or earlier than the time schedule. I have found out that life is full of surprises and unexpected things happen. In order to cope up with that, we should always be prepared and what helped me with this is being punctual. For example, if you are attending an event, it is good to practice punctuality because you still have time to do other things and get prepared for the other things to be done than being late.
  • Meditation and reflection.  I think meditation and reflection helped me have an easier and happier life because when experiencing frustrations and being overwhelmed with the problems in life, if I am able to breathe out the negativity, I will become more focused and energized before starting off a new task after finishing with the other.

I believe there are much more things in life that made living easier and I look forward to learning other things in the future. Great question and I hope my answer helps!


Leading an easy life may differ from individual to individual because we all know what we do that make our lives easier as this depends on every individual. I will share some of the things I do that makes my life more easier and I keep doing this to live an easy life.

1) STAYING CONTENTED: I am always contented with whatever I have no matter how small it might seem to be. This had really made my life more easy because I don't stress myself on things I can't afford to have unlike some people who are into competition today all in the name of materialistic pursuits.

2) HELPING OTHERS : I have always noticed that anytime I help other people, I always feel happy whenever I see joy and happiness in their faces. The more I help and support people, the more easier my life becomes.

3) DOING THINGS STEP BY STEP : I am the kind of person that does what is right at the right time even though most of my friends and colleagues are in haste to achieve what they can't achieve at this stage. I love doing things "step by step" in the right manner because I believe I will surely get to where I am going when the time comes.

4) NEVER COMPARE MYSELF TO OTHERS : Most people who aren't living an easy life are always involved in comparing themselves to people greater than them in worldly materials (wealth, knowledge, fame, position, status, etc). I am always happy with my condition and I dislike comparing myself to others except those who are lower than me in worldly affairs because it motivates me to do more and it develops my confidence and self esteem.

5) DOING WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY: I always love to stay happy and I do things that makes me happy because it makes life more easier for me. I don't care if playing with small kids or playing games will make me happy, I always make sure I do things that makes me happy because it makes life more easier for me.

In conclusion, I believe we all have different views about life. I believe life is meant to be easy for everyone just by enjoying every moment of your life and being contented with what you have without forgetting to keep hoping for the best.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.