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How to get rid of negative thoughts?
..I am having hard time to get rid of it. Especially after reading this somewhere - 'What you think, you become', I am desperately trying to get rid of 'em, since I don't want those negative thoughts to become reality, but more I try the stronger they become. Mind just won't shut up unless I sleep. Any practical way out, that works?

I have gone through the same phase several times in my life. Every time I think about eradicating negative thoughts it keeps growing as you mentioned. I learnt a great lesson from one of my friends and I also took a dialogue from the movie Dr. Strange, very serious. First I would like to brief the conversation that I had with my friend. Maybe you can find some clue or get some idea from the details that I provide.

Conversation with my friend

Once when I was quite confused with my life, I was looking for answers everywhere. Though I was not ready to share what exactly was my problem with others, I was continuously looking forward to get some answers from any sources. That is when I had a great conversation with my friend. The origin of the conversation and context of the conversation was completely different. But I managed to get some good outcome out of the conversation. He is someone who is working hard staying in Saudi even though his origin is from Chennai, India. The conversation started like how his job was going and he started giving explanations and more details about his success story. 

He told me that when he graduated, he tried lots of interviews and he was not selected because of his negatives. He used to wonder if he should be converting all his negatives to positive. But the strategy that he took was to focus more on his positives instead of focusing on negatives and taking efforts to convert negatives to positives. He told me that he worked really hard on things that was very easy for him. He exhibited what he was good at and he got an opportunity for that and from then on he focused completely on his positives alone. I really don't know why that conversation happened but it was really fruitful for me and I had a huge take away from that conversation. Now he is someone with great success rate in his career. 

Dialogue from Dr. Strange movie

There is one particular dialogue in the movie that affected me so much. When I watched the movie for the first time, this dialogue created a great impact on me. The dialogue is "We don't get rid of our demons, we just learn to live above them." This was so strong on me. I was able to relate it with what I was doing. I used to worry a lot about my negatives and try to work on them really hard to get rid of them. But it was definitely not working out. Inside my heart I always had a feeling that negatives cannot be completely eradicated. This dialogue from the movie really proved it. Maybe the phrase in which the dialogue projects the truth is very strong and made me think that it is true. 

What did I learn?

From both the above incidents, I understood that we should not be focusing more on the negatives. We have to focus more on our positives and try to amplify them. If we are already good at something, it is easy to become a master on that. Instead if we focus on something that we are not good at, we are completely ruining our life because we will not be able to excel even gradually. Even if we excel, it can take lots of time. 

On a final note, I feel that you should stop focusing on your negative thoughts and fuel your thinking on something that you are really good at and the one that really motivates you. This will definitely make you a better person. Other alternative ways would be to keep yourself focused more on the positive things:

  • Get sufficient sleep 
  • Try to stay with people who motivate you
  • If you are getting these thoughts when you are alone, try not to be alone. 
  • Find a way to accept your negative thoughts

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1)Learn to Meditate

Much of the time contemplation has helped me a great deal in controling my musings. At whatever point I am bothered with a feeling that has an adverse effect for me or individuals around me,I simply endeavor to quiet myself through contemplation. I lean toward guided reflection. You can make it a day by day propensity and perceive how things will change.

2)ensure to get Busy

Now and again when inert one thinks about a ton of pointlessness stuff so I lean toward keeping occupied by perusing books, painting, going for a walk, exerciseing and so on. Not just they divert me from my internal uproar yet in addition useful for a sound personality and body. Continue using your leisure time by doing things you like. It can even incorporate philanthropy or deliberate work. Will give you enormous fulfillment toward the day's end.

3)learn to socialise

At times by simply conversing with somebody causes me hold my contemplations under control, even light up my state of mind.


Indeed! Eat! Hungry has a method for putting you right in the base. Eating nourishment, discharges endorphins which invigorate delight focuses. Nourishment fulfills us!

At last in the event that you feel overwhelmed by your negative musings, simply given them a chance to stream. Inquire as to for what reason are you supposing thusly. Is it true that you are over reasoning? Is there an issue which can be fathomed? Or on the other hand is it simply the feelings making you feel along these lines? Endeavor to comprehend your psyche and you will get an answer.



Before answering this question, it is important that we note that negative thoughts are simply thoughts that are generated by feeding pour  minds with negative facts, figures and images.

The eye and ear are powerful mind gates that must be well guarded. When  we fail to screen the things that our eyes should watch and our ears listen to, then , any thoughts is free to find its brooding place within us.

We can get rid of negative thoughts by doing the following:

1.  Feed your mind with positive facts, figures and images.

2. Be careful of who you give your ear-time.

3. Focus on positive things

4. Walk with positive-minded  people.

5. Discover yourself and be the best of you. Stop comparing yourself with  others.

6. Detach yourself from proud people.

7. Forgive people when they wrong you.

8. Don't pretend to be who you are not.



I have been in such a situation where i had some negative thoughts disrupting my thought process and eating away a large chunk of my time... 

There is no 'perfect method' that works in every case. You just have to find out what works for you. As for me, i have found that throwing one's self into work is a great way to distract yourself from meditating on negative, unproductive thoughts. Usually, new projects or tasks that are intriguing or exciting to you will help.

>  What you think, you become.

Sometimes we should be wary of quotes on the internet. most of them are skewed towards one perspective, like this one. You won't become anything without working towards it. you can only get accustomed to the idea.


In order to get rid of negative thoughts, you have to think of positive thoughts. The more engaging positive thoughts so you won't think that negative thoughts even exists.

Whenever I get negative thoughts, I pray. I pray that God would take away all the negativities in me so I can move forward.

Sometimes I read a book. A story that would make me happy and would make me think of positivities.

Divert all your thoughts to something that would make you happy. May it be a memory of the time you were at a cloud nine because you're too happy that time or a past events that made you laugh out loud.

Remember this, negative thoughts won't do you good. So before it eat you up, block it out immediately.


Think positive. Sounds strange. But that is the best solution. If that is hard to do use a step by step approach. Replace negative thoughts slowly and steadily with positive ones. That might not always work perfect but it will get better.

And another thing. Do not surround yourself with negative people. Do not engage in negative discussions which will pull you down until you are as negative as the people you are talking to. All the best :)


This is what I learned from Peter Pan. "Think happy thoughts" As I grew older, this motto became "Think positive"

You should learn creative ways of turning your begative thoughts into a more constructive way of thinking. Like when a friend of mine asked me how her relationship with her ex crashed. She said that she's always praying that they be strong when temptation comes. I told her it's not what you prayed for, it's how you prayed for it.

I told her that she should have prayed that they remain faithful to each other. That's a lot positive sounding than the prayer with being strong against temptation.

When you have an exam, it's more positive to say "I hope I pass" than to say "I hope I don't fail"

Try to look for the more positive outcome rather than the negative pissibilities.


To get rid of negative thoughts I am looking for their positive equivalent.

Since my Mental Attitude determines my Altitude I focus only on what I can influence or control including my attitude, thoughts, reactions and actions.

I always make the effort to remember that my happiness depends on me as well as the way I perceive things.

Maybe your way of perceiving things makes you think that these are negative things.