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Whether humans are perfect?
all human beings are not perfect, all humans have errors in their lives.
God has created man truly special compared to his other creation. Humans are created full of privileges by the Almighty. I think we all agree that God will never be wrong in creating creatures. Everything he creates must be beautiful, good, and certainly perfect.

The Human Body consists of various elements that are so complex that they have no imitation at all. No one will be able to match the product of the Almighty, that is what causes man to be a perfect creation of God.

So, are we still saying that nothing is perfect until now? Humans are works and masterpieces of the Almighty. The perfect being created by the most perfect in the universe.

Everyone must have shortcomings. Both physical, brain, wealth or even rank. But we are all aware, when we try to find the lack of god, in fact we have tried to find deficiencies from God. Do we realize?
I want to emphasize to you, that however physical the human form is, it is still perfect.
Humans are never free from mistakes. Even though he is a good human being. Do not be used as a justification for life always in error.
As human beings, we are obliged to try to be good people and try to avoid mistakes after mistakes.
A good human being is not because he has never done wrong, but is a human who can realize every mistake he has made. Then consciously want to change yourself and not repeat the same mistakes.
That's how he was determined.
A good human being cannot be separated from mistakes. But he has the gentleness of heart to always introspect on every behavior. He examines everything he does.
Is there an error that should not be done.
Unlike humans in general who dissolve in error and are reluctant to admit even though they have been reminded.
But will always defend him.
Humans are good at fearing mistakes and liking goodness. This is certainly different from general humans. Love mistakes and laugh at goodness.
A good human being will regret for every mistake he made. Because his conscience is still functioning properly. A mistake is like a speck of dirt stuck to his clothes, so he feels uncomfortable.
This is certainly different from most people who have done wrong, they still boast. Mistakes are considered normal and need not be ashamed to do so. Because the other person thinks it also does it.
All of this depends on the awareness that exists in each of us. The level of our awareness that determines our life choices. Want to be a good person who is ashamed of mistakes or most people who are proud of mistakes.
there is no perfect human being, no matter how intelligent a human being, he is still a stupid human who doesn't know anything. If we find a genius who is very talented in a particular field, then when the perfect label is pinned on him, can you imagine what will happen later? Because this smart and talented genius is human, one day he will definitely make a mistake because his side who is still stupid still exists.

Then because of that mistake, while 'perfect' was attached to him, the human errors he made then turned into an atomic bomb. Boom! then all humans accuse him of being incapable, incompetent, disappointing, inappropriate for intelligent and genius humans to do that, condescending, even the fans of perfection are blasphemous. What a pain.

That's what happened to professors, doctors, scientists, and other genius-intelligent humans. Considered to be perfect there cannot be a gap of ignorance. If their human error does, the world blasphemes as if yesterday when they worked or worked they were not ordinary people. Because as smart as any human being, he is still a human. The place is a lot wrong and wrong.
Humans can never be perfect. That is the reason why we are both as humans. But all we can do is work towards perfection. Life provides us with many great opportunities to be perfect or atleast work towards perfection. Though there are lots of opportunities, it is quite difficult for us to use the opportunity and become a perfect person.

There are also other perspectives where perfection for one person may not be the same perfection for another person. Everyone tries to be perfect but only in their own perspective. There are also common perfection aspects. Those are something that is being agreed by everyone.

In my point of view humans are definitely not perfect but they can always work towards perfection by altering their life style. It may be difficult at the beginning but gradually they can start attaining perfection to a greater extent. People can first focus on the items that they feel perfect and satisfy themselves first to gradually improve and satisfy others.
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You ask in what perspective. If you compare with other creatures on this earth, it is clear that humans are the most perfect creatures.

Humans have social thoughts and feelings that are not shared by other creatures such as animals and plants.

But perfection only belongs to God, nothing is more perfect than God. He who created the earth and the whole universe and humans were also created by God.

Hope you are satisfied with my answer. Have a nice day

Nice question about human its very far that every one is perfect in every work or every field but we can say that one is always perfect in one field which he loves the most.

Mainly the human nature goes behind the thinking of others field they never things in which they are best.We always goes in the field where their is more pelople having sucess but we never think about our quality.

Having one best quality inside our side can create lot more change to the work of every person and can bring sucess to their work and thus we can be more sucess in our life.

For example if we are best in sports then we can make our career in that field and also be perfect in that particular field.
Can anyone walk without shaking?if this is possible then we can have the most perfect human on earth . I remembered the story of all the beloved of God, how they lived their lives and i discovered that as lovely as they are by God,they still have their weaknesses.MOSES known as MUSA lead the children of Israel out of Egypt and at the end he used his Anger to deprive himself of the promise land. The first creation by God ADAM and EVE was sent away from the garden of Eden due to their imperfection.Every generation that came from them has not been stable till today and this implies that there are loop holes that are not covered to make things work fine altogether.
Taking a look at our own Innate family, how would we describe it?have we ever lived peacefully without a minute of misunderstanding because of someones imperfection? No matter how good you are you will still have one part that will make you not good enough. the fact that someone is good in one aspect doesn't qualify him/her to be perfect. there are circumstances where one thing does not directly equals the other.everyone has the good and the bad side, its Just that the rates of good and awful deeds that the individual does in life shows how he/she is seen by the world. According to Vladimir Horowitz, he said,
we all have our bad sides but the most important thing is to always make sure we try to work on the bad part of ours and make adjustment to make this world a better place for us all.

no one is perfect perfect except the Almighty God . every human has he or her flaws. you can be better than another human but you can never be perfect because that tittle belongs only to almighty God