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Why should there be money, why is money a matter of contention?

The main purpose of money is to have some kind of measurable unit that a society will accept as having value, and which will be used to conduct transactions and exchanges (e.g. paying for goods and services).  Today, most societies use physical and electronic fiat cash and currency as money, meaning that the money itself in a vacuum has no practical use or utility for humans, but it is used because either a government has backed it, or people have agreed on the value of said money.  In the past, metals such as gold and silver were more commonly used as money.

The main reason money is needed is that it provides the convenience of not having to conduct all transactions or exchanges via barter, where different people will place different valuations on different items in accordance to how they perceive their utility of those items.  The larger the society, the more quickly barter can become a problem.  Barter is considered to be inefficient in an economy, and so money is the answer to help make that economy more efficient by providing a unit of value that everything else can be measured against.

What makes money a contentious issue though, is the fact that in many countries/societies there is a large concentration of money and wealth in the hands of a small proportion of the people.  This phenomenon takes on many names, including income inequality and the wealth gap.  In addition to the social unrest that can be caused when a massive wealth gap exists in a country (which makes the rounds on the news a lot in these days and times), such inequality is believed to also hinder the economic growth of said country.

So as you can see, money is essentially an "evil necessity"; it can be a contentious issue that causes a lot of debate and unrest, but at the same time, society needs money in order for the economy to run efficiently.


Money is a means of exchange which someone can use to acquire the basic things of life,money is a necessity

that all humans need for them to take care of their

needs,money is a very good and useful tools for

creating wealth and wealth enables to enjoy the good

things of life in terms of materialistic factors,money is a double edge sword,as good as money is it is also one of the major cause of problem in the world,infact many

crimes are committed because of money or anything that money can buy,,there are many people that have

killed themselves because they do not have money,there are friends that have killed each other

because of money,desperation to acquire wealth has made many people to become criminals...e.g armed

robbers,burglars,,kidnappers etc...money is good no doubt but it also has some negative factors attached to

it and “money” will always be a resource that people will keep working for and living their lives around it...money is a necessity that we cannot do without...


Money is necessary and it is a useful thing that someone needs to be able to take care of their needs,money is very important in the life of humans because you need to money to achieve many things in life,and that is why everyone wishes to have a very good source of income that will give them money so that they become wealthy and be able to meet their needs anytime anyday...


Because with the money we can easily buy something, money as a medium of exchange, as a calculation indicator.

Do not be surprised if in that family, a little couple can get complicated because of money. Based on a survey from Savvywoman.co.uk found the fact that the cause of many quarrels in families in couples aged 35-54 years is a matter of money.

Another fact that was discovered was that financial problems far exceeded the quarrel due to the hype of division of tasks at home, quarrels due to other family members, children, sex, and ex-lovers.

Financial fuss in the family usually boils down to the lack of money, extravagance and the inadequacy of family financial arrangements. The wife who was a little complaining and satirical because of the tight monthly money, the husband made even more annoyance because of the complaint. Not to mention, the husband found an addictive person.

The quarrel that originated from the issue of money, the origin is none other than the management of unwise family finances. Family budgets are not made in such a way that they are not realistic. In fact, designing a realistic family budget is important. Even though it must be realistic, don't forget that the real name is not too little so it seems economical and ends up being tortured because you can't enjoy life.

Another argument arises because one partner underestimates debt. The debt must be repaid. The habit of debt that is not paid on time has the potential to create new problems.

The habits of families who do not have the habit of saving and investing tend to have problems with finance. A fight can explode when things happen unexpectedly, but do not have emergency funds.

Well, to be smarter in managing finances, it's better to use modern fintech as his personal assistant. Modern platforms like IPOTPAY are more equipped with smart calendar features, complete with schedule payments, able to arrange payment schedules, purchases, and fund transfers periodically.

Combustion can be minimized, when either husband and wife have good management and financial management skills. Whatever the root of the fight, be sure everything can be overcome.