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What is meant by relative beauty?
Relative is not sure & has broad meaning but has a short explanation.
Relative beauty of a woman is based on various perceptions that exist in every human head around him, there are those who judge the most beautiful blonde hair, there are also those who judge black hair more attractive. There are also those who think the slim body is the standard to be beautiful, some are judging the pitch is more tempting.

Strengthening the Assessment, a study conducted by an online-doctor website in the UK revealed that in 18 countries the perception of beauty was perfect
a woman is also diverse. This research was conducted by sending an original photo from a woman to a fashion designer in 18 countries to be modified with digital techniques to fit the beautiful definition according to designers from various countries.
Maybe these beauty standards are often circulating everywhere. However, there are also those who say that actually beauty is relative. Because the judgment of each person is different and subjective, people's assessment of beauty is different. Then, actually what is the true definition of beauty? Do you have a beautiful definition of your version.If possible, in Indonesia, the standard of beauty if judged from the physical, namely slim body, white skin, beautiful hair and so on, this is very different in other countries. For example, people in Japan consider petite girls to be prettier than those who are tall, slender. In addition, Japanese girls who have ginseng teeth are also considered more beautiful. Still around Asia, Myanmar, the standard of beauty for the Kayan tribe is women with long necks. Kayan tribal women deliberately pinned gold necklaces around their necks and continued to add in numbers from time to time until their necks were considered quite high. Different from other countries on the African continent, precisely in Mautitania, where beautiful women there are those who have a fat body and have stretch marks. To get beauty with this qualification, the girls there were forced by their parents to eat 16 thousand calories per day since childhood. See? So actually the definition of beauty is really very girls even every country has its own beauty standards right.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are all different and so we have different views and concepts of "beauty". One person might think all babies to be beautiful and for the next person they are just new human beings.

Beauty is not tangible, not concrete - you can't define it.
When they say beauty is relative, it means that beauty is subjective to the person. Someone may be beautiful to you, but the complete opposite to someone else.
People see things different, you may like something and I may not.
Relative basically means that something is subjective. How someone feels about something or sees something is independent of what other people think. So basically when they say Beauty is relative, it simply means that what you think is beautiful might not be so to another person.
I often hear the phrase "beautiful or handsome is relative." But actually there is a relative understanding here, then how come someone can say that being beautiful or handsome is relative. Maybe it makes sense if beauty is seen from the nature, intelligence, sense sense, attractiveness and others. But what happens if it turns out that relative is due to eye sight, because what is seen by our eyes is different from that of other people. Hmmh.
If in the world of artists there is gossip if SANTIRED has a Bad Opinion. Now I want to argue, it's not important, but yes the name is just an opinion that there is something missing if it isn't delivered. hehe
Going back to the original topic about relative in that beautiful sentence was relative, well a moment ago I downloaded a Cameringo application, the application was good and quite complete (this is not advertising). As a child who strives for hitz and the present I follow the age of selfie. Now I'm selfie trying all the capabilities that cameringo can do from filters, leaks, lenses and others. Yes, yes, the name of the application will not be as good as the original hard drive.
From this great filter experiment I got a thought (pretentious) that one of the relative meanings in the beautiful or handsome word could relatively come from a view and lighting as well. Do not believe? Here I look at the example. Demonstrated by the online magazine model Instagram with the name magazine @ santi2oktaviani. This model has not been sold, there has never been an endorse and there has never been a call
Beauty is a characteristic of an object, place, person or thing that gives us pleasure or satisfaction or attraction.
We say beauty is relative because it varies from person to person.
For one person something or someone is beautiful while other person may not find it beautiful.
There is a saying that ‘everything has its beauty but not everyone see it.’
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it the referred as relative term.