Do animals think rationally?

Man is the only animal that is capable of thinking rationally. We can think about the present, about the past, and of course the future. However. animals are incapable of sophisticated thought processes.

Most of the thinking of animals, if they think at all, is usually spontaneous and reactive. For instance, man can think of eating rice in the morning and have a glass of wine in the afternoon but an animal cannot make such complex and rational decisions or thinking.

Also, man has a culture that he transmits from one generation to the other through speech/language. Unfortunately, animals do not have culture and cannot transmit their ideas or thoughts, if any, to their generation.

Man is rational but no animal can ever think in that direction or come an inch closer.


This question seems to assume that human beings think rationally, which is a very difficult question in philosophy. People know that they think rationally and hear others report that they do. But research shows that conscious thought is just an explanation of decisions we make subconsciously.

Many of the differences in behavior between animals and modern humans make us look irrational:

- Always being obsessed with sex, not just in the mating season.

- Taboos against eating certain foods.

- Caring for disabled children.

- A higher level of drinking and substance abuse.

- Being a savannah species but hiding in a cave all day.

- Educating children by locking them up and hiding reality from them.

Defining rationality more broadly so that it applies to us would make it difficult to exclude animals. What makes us unique is having languages with complex grammar and a generally random relation between sound and meaning, so that we can talk about anything.


Yes, they do, but keep in mind that they have radically different perceptions, social structures and methods of valuation than humans do. While we are very good at building things, animals are much more concerned with "making do" and "having a good time". 

They are very much alive and aware, like us, but of a somewhat alien mindset. They don't ascribe artificial value to objects like we do. You'll never find a dog that prefers money over food, because food is more useful and important in every way.  But they do dance, and sing, and play; and basically they live much more fulfilled lives because they only care about "animal" things. 

There are some cases of animals, such as crows, who are capable of ascribing artificial value to objects, but that's really just an example of different priorities for different types of species. But in all cases, the most important thing to remember is that humans are animals too. We're made out of meat, just like everybody else. So on the basis of that fact alone, yes... 

Animals can think rationally. 

Have a good day. :) 


Humans from what I have learnt and what the Christian bibble

Says (if you are a believer), are the only rationally thinking animals.


No!! Animals generally don't think rationally like humans. Their actions and reactions to incidences are as coded into their genes or as moderated over time by mutation and experiences!!

Nevertheless, some animals, especially matters are more less predictable about their reaction to external exercises; thus making them closer to humans in intelligence. But their thoughts are still instinct propelled!!