Fate is the ultimate truth, we are just an event. Do you agree with this statement? If yes, how do you interpret it?

Let's say that there are many things that lead me to think that, if it is not a "fate", we have things to live in this life, like forced passages ... My belief is that Life serves us ". "Situations, sometimes hardships that we need to live, even if we do not want them. I have this intimate conviction (which is my own) that everyone has a way to follow, a particular path, in the idea of ​​evolving, of growing in consciousness.

I believe that it is essential to know where we want to go, to define goals and objectives in life according to our values, needs and deep desires, and to make every effort to achieve it.

Then accept that Life allows it or not, without judging or clinging, without comparing with the lives of others, without "struggling" too hard either because it is at this moment that something crystallizes in us.

In every thing that happens to us there is a "hidden gift", which we seldom understand about the moment, sometimes later or much later, if ever.

I believe that Life is a school, a field of experimentation and exploration of ourselves and others, which has a "meaning" for everyone in his personal path.

I believe in synchronicities, in life that is articulated in a certain way, in the fact that we do not really know (or not at all) what is behind us. I have become very humble over time, while keeping my dreams, my course, my goals but trusting in this "something" that we do not master and that is called Life. Because I believe that she alone "knows" what is right for us.

And I believe that at some point we will understand why.


Sounds like an edgy teenager who just reasoned themselve into deterministic universe.

Or, worse.

A First year philosophy student who just read a bunch of Nietzsche works.

It's not wrong.

It just sounds cringy.


According to my interpretation that would mean that no matter what we do everything is fate and thus unchangeable. And pardon my French, that statement is crap. Life would make no sense at all.