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Are the oral contraceptives okay for health?

Hello, as a biochemist, I have heard a seminar on the use of contraceptives. They may be beneficial in preventing unwanted pregnancy but they pose more demerits to the female body system. These demerits includes

1. Imbalance of hormone/ hormone deregulation

The consistent use of contraceptives destabilize the hormone production and spread of hormone around the body. These hormones that have the period, quantity, quality at which they are produced in the human system get deragulated and are produced in very high, very low and improper quality, quantity, which can be of disadvantages to the body because they may be too much, or too high in the body system.

2. Shift in menstrual cycle.

the female menstrual cycle is a volatile cycle that occurs due to hormones in the body. The consistent use of these contraceptive as mentioned above may alter the hormones responsible for the menstruation and may cause it to come eralier, later or stopped menstruation. It may affect the ovulation period as well and leave the body prone to pregnancy that is being avoided. This also have a bad effect on the health as the hormones may cause obesity in some parts of the body as I have come to observe in ladies around me who consistently use contraceptive pills.

In all ways, the consistent use of contraceptive is not advisable. There are better and safer ways for pregnancy prevent that are more effective. Such as the use of condoms, withdrawal techniques.

Some would say use of condoms mays remove the pleasure in sex, but isn't it better safe than sorry, and as a matter of fact, the condom use is for you to ejaculated in it, and when you're done ejaculating, if your partner is free of sexual infection, al he has to do is clean up and go in raw, then you can enjoy the flesh to flesh sex, men tend to not ejaculate again after a first ejaculation.

And concerning withdrawal method, I know it's around then the sex gets interesting, but you should learn to delay gratification. It's for your own benefit. Learn to practice safe sex. And do things to the body system that wouldn't cause long term effects.

Stay Healthy.

I hope thus was helpful.

Stay safe.

Thank you.