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Do you have a sense of insecurity that if more people will come to musing then your earning will become less than what you are earning now?

Not really.  In general, more people coming to musing will mean a bigger audience.  The votes that are received from Musing have been amazing, but the point of the delegation is to attract more people and build a bigger, sustainable Dapp that will draw new people in to steem.  

The size of the musing vote may drop in the short term, as more activity happens and the voting power gets spread out.  However, a few things will occur to balance that out.  More people here means more potential votes from curators.  I believe that with the quality of content appearing here, more curation will occur.  The beauty here is that a lot of the auto votes don't have an effect here, as both questions and answers are "comments" on the STEEM blockchain and not root posts.

I strongly believe that this Dapp is the ideal home for manual, human curators.  People actually interested in reading the information and responses provided, and rewarding it with a vote.  In time, aside from the musing vote itself, I would love to see a curation group rise, along the lines of @curie, that would specifically vote musing responses.  This would mean that people answering questions would not just be hoping to snag a share of the musing VP, but also have a chance for other curation initiatives to arise.

I must admit that I am one of those "new people" that have arrived in the last week.  I am super impressed at what I seen here, and have participated occasionally where I felt I could add value.  The up-votes have been nice, and I can see that regular contributors here could be well rewarded.  In essence, what you have here in musing is the purest form of content creation.  No bid-bots, no auto-votes and limited spam.  It just doesn't get rewarded here and I love that.

The other thing that growing the usage of Musing would achieve is growing the overall STEEM usage.  This Dapp has the potential to pull a huge audience in from outside of STEEM.  If it brings in more STEEM users, then that is more people wanting STEEM and SP.  It should flow that more users would push STEEM values up.  As such, an individuals portion of the musing vote may drop as a percentage, but the value of that vote may actually go up.  A 1 STEEM payout at $0.80 STEEM price is alot less than a 0.5 STEEM payout at $5 per STEEM.

So, to summarise my thoughts: (granted I have only been here a week).

* Quality here is rewarded well.

* These rewards and also the quality of the information here is a major draw-card for Musing, and for the entire STEEM eco-system.

* More users may reduce your short term payouts but...

* More users mean higher STEEM prices meaning even a smaller share of the vote is worth more.

* Manual curation will grow and provide another source of votes.

* The content here is some of the best in the whole STEEM blockchain (in my humble opinion) and the cream will rise to the top and be rewarded accordingly.

Thanks for an interesting question, I hope you find my response useful.



No..................No...............No.................I don't feel any kind of insecurity and the earning here in musing are simply bi-product for me, not the primary aim and I do enjoy a lot answering to questions which I know. I will be happy to see more number of people to join in musing, if they will join, the Ecosystem will get better and the community will grow. 

Musers love this musing interface and this is the first ever interface which is paying you for simply putting questions and answering to others, if you know the answer. Is not that beautiful, so what kind of insecurity, obviously for spammers it is a sense of insecurity, who have an intention to reap the reward as much as possible.

The primary purpose of this platform is Q&A, so more number of people means more type of questions and more types of answers too and out of those answers, some answer may perfectly solve the concern/understanding of a muser. And what happen sometimes is that some people have questions but they usually get their questions answered without even asking for it and this is possible only in a big community where the community size is big, more engagement of people through Questions & Answers and the community is vast and diverse and the types of question will equally become vast and that indirectly can accommodate the questions of some people without even asking for that. 

With that being said, for a genuine muser, it is not at all an issue of insecurity if new comer will join and this community size grows, but for spammers this is really a concern and they should pack and go out of this community.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I don't really follow your logic. Insecurity because more people start using this platform so the upvote from the musing account is lower? That is a very jaded and selfish way of looking at things. 

I want this platform to grow and because more widely used. I want people to interact more and give each other upvotes and encouragement, not just rely on an upvote from the musing account. I really sincerely hope this is not your outlook because it is a very selfish way to look at things and with that attitude it doesn't seem like you really care about the community, just an upvote.


# Insecurity

Ok assuming I am here for only about a month. Before the "great" delegation happen, I oftenly get upvote by @musing for my contribution of answers. Suddenly, a few weeks ago musing got a huge delegation and new users started flooding in! I have never seen our discord channel become so damn active. Everybody drop by and say hi, like they've been hearing musing for like forever but lack of a chance to show themselves they're useful. I strongly felt the insecurity as I'm seeing these new comer keep getting upvote and I was left behind and being forgotten. 

# Self esteem

Alright, enough of that horse crap. That is absolutely the insecurity happen to people who have less self confidence and self esteem. I actually been here for like months. I don't usually active. I only does this when I have the time to do so. I have tons of other stuff to blog about, and I only wanted to login musing.io when I am very confident to grab some attention with my own knowledge and my own opinion. I am confident that my answers to the question are subject to my own right to use and belongs to my own point of view. So what if some others does not agree with me, I don't even care if the upvote comes. 

# Earnings

Put it this way, if you're depending on musing.io to make a living, you're putting yourself in a great risk. You see, I have been here for several months now, from so little delegation musing had grow to few hundred thousands, and now million. I've witness tons of people popping in and rolling out of the picture. They come and they go, I certainly hope that you find the "candy" giving gesture by musing is for amusement purpose. I find it no pressure for me at all. Sometimes I get about 0.40, sometimes I got 1.50 I'll be very happy. If any day I hit a 2.50, I will be ordering ice cream float root beer at the A&W celebrating already.

# Mentality

I know it is possible to survive by answering musing all day. But, I hope you do not take upvote for granted. Today, musing can upvote you all day long and feed you because they have a million delegation. What if tomorrow all the delegation being withdrawn? So again, you, me, him and everybody will probably be asking each others, are we coming in to hunt for an upvote? Or are we really enjoy musing around? I think I already got over that part. I was actually "expecting" more engagement when @jonching announced the delegation. What I wasn't expect was, my upvote got increased as well. HAH!

Be grateful for what we have. Enjoy musing. Put the insecurity behind and start musing. Hope this help.


Well I did have that fear at some point in time and I think it's only natural to have it. I knew that musings delegation was way too small to service all the people that were joining the platform everyday and I figured that eventually they'd have to reduce the amount of upvotes they gave, make the rules for giving upvotes more stringent or basically just reduce the voting power used to upvote people.

I've actually been part of one or two communities who started off with giving a particular amount of upvotes to me, but as time passed and more people joined the community, the upvotes reduced because they were giving upvotes to alot of people and to cope the voting weight simply had to reduce.

The thing about musing is that as more and more users or better yet musers join the community things can only get better because the more people that join, the higher the SEO score and the easier it'll be to get more investors to invest in musing.

I realised that as long as your answers and questions are of high quality then you'll still be getting reasonable upvotes regardless of how many new people join musing. It's clearly stated in the musing curation guidelines that even if you're a new user and you give quality answers then you'll equally receive a quality upvote.

My policy now and I advice everyone to do the same is to give it your best on every answer, put in effort to add quality to all your answers and fret not about whether or not your earnings will reduce as more people join. Enjoy the exchange of knowledge on the site and broaden your horizon with the views and opinions of the great minds that answer questions here.

As far as your earnings go, musing can only get better, I'm confident that musings delegation will be increased and more people who will add more quality to the site will be drawn in, couple that with the fact that the price of STEEM will undoubtedly rise and we'll still earn even more than we're earnings now. Musing is still in its infancy and there are alot of great things to come.

I've decided to use this period to sharpen my question answering skills and broaden my knowledge so that when such a time comes that quality answers are all that's left on musing, I'll be amongst those that contribute to those answers.

I hope this helps.


First,I thank you musing, for providing an excellent decentralized application to the steem Blockchain . We all know that the number of people on the platform is the same as the biggest platform. I think that if more people come musing, then my income will increase. There are more people here my income will not decrease . I know that many people When the number comes here, it will gain a lot of fame and it will be its name as the best platform, while there are more people here Many of them will come to the delegate. Not only that, I do not just here for income. I learned a lot from here, so I love it too much and I want more people here. They just do not earn, Learn more from here. We can not earn from this platform only. We can learn a lot. so we should bring everyone here and introduce everyone about it .I'm very happy to join musing. Actually there are some questions that we can learn a lot. I ALREADY PUBLISH A VIDEO FOR MUSING.

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I am sure most users of musing have thought that at one point.

We all want musing to do well so more users is good for everyone. Not everyone can answer a question so maybe they will just be good at asking questions.

The standard of answers will get better and better over time as more users join the platform. This is better for all of us as the standards are raised to the next level.  Some will fall away but that is the reality and they may only be able to answer certain questions on certain subjects. Not everyone is clued up on general knowledge and it is all about having fun.

I wouldn't worry about the rewards as they are just a bonus and just do the best that you can and maybe do less but better quality answers. The vote may get bigger as the price of Steem goes up so there will be more to go around at some point. 


No, not really. Before I began answering questions here at musing, there were already plenty of people using it. While I do think it is reasonable to expect less rewards while new people use the DApp and the competition for quality answers is raised, the overall benefit would be providing more value to the DApp and the blockchain. 

If more people use the DApp then something is actually working. People would go for anything that has value.