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Do you think more people will join when some whales and orcas start curating musing question and answer along with main musing account? What should be done to add and attract more curators like whales & orcas to musing?

We already have a significant growth on musing, and when you compare the engagement currently as of today with that of three months ago you will see that there has been more than 100% growth and engagement on this platform. Musing.io is currently one of the best decentralized application on steemit.com and everybody knows this, the truth is that we do not need whales on the platform to prove its authenticity and neither does the platform need endorsement from whales or the support of their votes in order to make this place more viable for people to join although it wouldn't be bad if this is the case but if it isn't that there is no problem or issue about this I do not think the growth of this place is determined by any factor outside themselves and the team.

The growth is already significant in fact I think 60% of the population on steemit.com are already here and the engaging with the platform very well. So if anybody is currently saying that we need whales to help with the curation in other to incentize and lure or bring people here, then I'll say it's unnecessary and uncalled for. Considering the young age of this platform I could even say the growth has been more than 200% which means that there has been a significant growth without the whales being present so I think the growth will continue to take place without them as well.

The platform is generally decentralized and having wheels here we make it somewhat centralised a little bit that means that the way we will start deciding how it works and I think this isn't good. So many people are already here and in fact I have a show that is actually talking about this platform we definitely want publicity but we do not need it currently. I will say at the end of the day the whole decision and statements will be made clear by the musing.io team, however what I've stated here us my constructive opinion.