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Is excessive protein bad for health ? If yes what are the demerits?

Impact of Excess Protein on the Body

Excess protein is also not good for our body. Here are some of the effects of excess protein in the body:

  • Eating excess protein, especially if accompanied by carbohydrate restrictions, can cause a buildup of ketones to endanger the kidneys.
  • The body can produce waste products called ammonia when breaking down proteins. By heart, ammonia is converted into a chemical called urea. In fact, urea will be removed from the body through urine. But in certain health conditions, such as kidney failure or liver failure, the body cannot make or get rid of urea. This can cause problems such as extreme fatigue to coma, or even death.
  • Consuming too much protein foods derived from red meat and fatty dairy products can increase the risk of heart disease.
  • Excess protein is also thought to make the body remove calcium through urine. When our body has excess protein, the body produces sulfate. These chemicals can cause calcium to escape bone. Though lack of calcium can cause osteoporosis. The effect of the release of calcium from bone is more vulnerable if we consume animal protein rather than vegetable protein. But on the other hand, adequate protein intake actually helps prevent osteoporosis in the bones.

Actually not only the amount of protein that needs to be considered, but the source of protein consumed. Experts recommend choosing protein from several sources, both animal protein sources such as fish, and vegetable protein sources such as nuts and seeds. Although excess protein is often associated with several diseases, so far more research is needed to examine the effects of excess protein in general on health.


There are no negative effects of consuming too much protein. In fact many people believe it is free calories.

The idea of meat being bad for us is being push by massive industries. Including Coke, nesle and Monsanto.

Human have been surving off protein and fat based diets with massive success.

Some nation groups we can look at are the iniut of Alaska. Who did not have any vegetables to consume through the year, because the region does not permit cultivation of fruit and veg, because it is freezing most of the year. Berries where supplemental and rarely found in the summer months.

But they consumed high amount of fats and protein from seal, fish and shell fish. With no modern degenerative diseases such as diabetes and cancers.

The masai from Kenya. Live exclusely of the blood and milk of their cattle, hardly ever consuming the animal itself, because cattle is considered wealth and spiritual significance.

Long before today, powerful men decided that it would be much more profitable to have people on grains and vegetables that proper nutrition. Because you can make the population sick enough so they won't die and then they will continue to consume sugars and their medication.

This is why veganism is being promoted so fiercely. 

You should be very concerned about consuming sugars. Because more people are dieing of obesity, diabetes and cancers.You should be very concerned about consuming sugars. Because more people are dieing of obesity, diabetes and cancers.

All these sickness increased the year the FDA released the food pyramid. And promoting of wheat and grains.

I'll leave you with this ideatm that Sacrotes had: Feed the slave population grains so they can be easily controlled. The UPPERCLASS was permitted to eat as much meat as desired.



Well, it can be a bit dangerous if you eat a huge amount. Like if you eat only meat for a long time, then you might end up some kidney problems. However, most excess proteins are just broken down into smaller parts in the body (to amino acids), and will either be used or shed away. You won't really have any problems if you eat meat or protein rich food daily, but you might not want to go full carnivore where you don't eat any carbohydrate and fat.