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Are you in a competition with other peers now to stake SP, because of the low price of steem?

I'm in competition with myself. I try to be better each week and do more. But I'm not in competition with others, since we don't have the same condition. 

Each of us has a different strategy and you can't compare that. Out goal is similar, we all want as many SP as we can get but not with the same methods. Some are using bots to grow, others are investing outside money, others are working hard on musing and posting, engaging. 

I'm monitoring my evolution and try to find the best solution that suits me but I'm not comparing myself to others. So I'm competing with myself basically and I'm fine with that. 


It is funny you should ask this.  I had never really considered that I was in a competition before, but now that you mention it, I guess you could kind of say I am.  I have some people I have met on Steemit that I have been seeing buying Steem and powering up quite a bit lately. 

Each time they do, I have to look at my finances and see if I am able to do the same, just so I can keep up with them.

These are some fantastic times to buy if you have been considering purchasing Steem.  

Hopefully we don't see the price get much lower than this, but despite the prices being so low, there is still a ton of development being done on the platform with new dapps being introduce almost monthly.  I think that is a huge plus for Steem.

Because of that, I will continue to power up pretty much all of my earnings and try to beat my friends to having a higher SP.


It depends how you see it. I am happy for others to grow around me as we all benefit. The more we have the stronger the community is.

I am not competing with anyone but myself. I don't have funds just lying around and investing to power up. If It goes lower though I think I will make a plan and try and become a dolphin sooner than expected. Maybe this will be my early Christmas present.

We all have our own goals and know what was possible before this so there are going to be lots of bigger accounts making a middle class soon. That will be healthy for the platform and I look forward to this.


Of course I want to be a minnow.

Why would I not want to be a dolphin?

Are you telling me you're not going to invest your way into an orca?

If everyone's a whale, nobody's a whale. :)

A penny Steem is the way to go!


Yes, for me when the STEEM price is lower, it's the best time to stake SP. if it goes lower again, i will buy more. It's the good chance to be a whale on cheap price.


No, I am more trying to cooperate with my peers so we can increase our stake without having to spend fiat $$$.