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What are the best examples of anonymity & pseudo-anonymity?

For anonymity it is super easy unlike pseudo-anonimity , in cases where people have become anonymous this means they have chosen to give information or become instrumental to things like getting evidences to crimes committed by people especially in law court and some times newspaper stories that is why sometimes people who provide some very deep and inside stories about events which can I danger there life remains anonymous, the reason why people choose to remain anonymous is for security purposes and in the both case scenario safety has always been the primary aim of anonymity.

So the best cases of anonymity it's always choosing to give an exclusive story to an opaque event, which means that people who decides to remain anonymous do not want to be known and the reason they do not want to be known is because of the information they are giving just like we see in FBI agents of the United states who are undercover they always remain anonymous to the public because revealing their identity may compromise their mission which may also cause a a breach to national security,so anonymity has always been about safety for individual or country.

However the best case of Pseudo-anonimity it's basically an online gaming platform with multiplayer for multiple users in this case scenarios people choose nicknames or choose player names or usernames and they keep their identities intact not providing information like real names, age, family, ethnicity school or nationality, in gaming platforms online people maintain pseudo-anonimity however this doesn't mean they can't provide information like device name or IP address which can be used to trace them back if they commit certain crimes like cyber crime or cyber bullying.

So anonymity can be physical, while pseudo-anonimity can be online or virtual so why the former can be easier the letter is very much difficult however in the two cases the primary aim of anonymity is to maintain safety and privacy, however anonymity can be breached but pseudo-anonymity is more difficult to be breached unless if more advanced measures are taken


As we all know, one of the purposes of using a pseudonym is to divert an opinion or opinion from someone or a group of people towards something.

Well! In this case, I give an example of Samuel Langhome Clemens which is the real name of a famous author who skyrocketed through his pseudonym, Mark Twain. In fact, the pseudonym was far better known than his real name.

So what is the positive influence of anonymity?

BProvide opportunities for them to feel more comfortable hiding their identity in communicating.

By being anonymous, someone is free to reveal things that are difficult to express in the real world.

By being anonymous, someone is free to be themselves with the "image" they want.

Someone is free to participate in a forum and also feels part of the group.

Besides that, the author feels free in writing and includes the partiality of his writing.

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