[Conversation] How many of you have really got the answer you have desired for by asking a question ? I need your honest opinion ? How satisfactory it is by asking a question and getting an answer in musing?
Sometimes I get the answer which was not in my knowledge and that gives me a lot of satisfaction but sometimes I do not get an answer at all. How can the unattended questions be resolved and answered in musing. How would you suggest in that context?

Well I can boldly say that 90% of the questions I ask on musing get answered satisfactorily. A couple of weeks ago I asked a question about how to use DBREAD on whaleshares and the answer I got gave me info on how to use DBREAD as well as other tokens, it also let me know just how much the total worth of the upvotes I could get from using these tokens were. It's needless to say that I was far more than satisfied with the answer I got.

Now as far as questions which haven't been answered before go, I feel the good folks that run musing should add a tag or a link for questions which haven't been answered so that people can easily sieve through them and find the ones they can answer instead of letting them get buried by the flurry of questions that come in every day.

I'm usually very satisfied with my answers and I'm extremely frustrated when nobody has any answers for my questions. The thing is that instead of having to ask the question again, creating a page for unanswered questions just seems like the best thing to do so that any new users who actually have the knowledge I'm looking for can answer it.


I get some good answer on many occasion and it is also true that in some of the occasion it does not satisfy me. It is better that you saw some of your questions unattended. Not everyone here knows the answer of everything, that is good that it is not a spam platform, where every one pretends to be an expert.

 When I approach a question to answer I always try to answer it when I belie that I am sure about the answer and When I find myself with a double mind or doubt, I usually skip the question. So that is a proof that people are not spamming your question page.

About the satisfaction level I would rate 6.6/10. I am keeping it 6.6 not because the platform is not good. The truth is that this platform and the concept is really excellent. But I want to see more people from various domain who can answer questions related to various spheres of life. I want to see the precipitated answer from various real life use-cases and that can happen when more people will join the ecosystem. Being a decentralized question and platform, we all will make this ecosystem better.


For most of the questions I've asked here, I've actually gotten some wonderful answers that truly addressed the questions. Though the sort of question I do ask are opinion based questions; where people are required to share their opinions on certain issues and most of the responses I got were actually interesting ones.

The only challenge I observed when reading responses is that some people started adding some unconnected sentences or repeating statements in their responses so as to make it lengthy because of musing's practice of giving high up votes to lengthy responses. there was a question I asked and someone answered the question perfectly but the person's answer was very straight to the point, while others were just beating around the bush. Could you believe that musing gave the best answer to the question the lowest vote while the ones that were beating around the bush so as to make their post lengthy had high votes?

I think musing need to be paying attention to the quality of the responses to a question than the length of the response.


Sadly, looks like Musing is starting to become a second Steemit, where almost everyone wants to write blog posts (questions in this case), but almost no one wants to read and communicate (write answers in this case).

I am lucky, if I can get 1-2 answers to my questions on Musing, so I am not asking many questions on Musing nowadays. That is not really motivate me to ask more questions. Nowadays I am mostly answering questions on Musing. But it is still feel good to receive 1-2 answers to my questions. That is still more than nothing, so I am not complaining. And I am also satisfied with the answers to my questions, because they answer my questions.

I see many questions from other users without any kind of answers. That must be awful, considering/taking into account the intended purpose (Questions and ANSWERS) of Musing.


Depends on the context question is being asked in, I have only asked few questions here and some of them didn't really need a 'specific' answer. If I had to rate, I would rate 7/10.

Regarding your second point, I would rather have unattended questions than to have ones with wrong info. Plus as Musing use will increase, it will have less and less unattended questions.

Hope this helps.