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How does packaging of food products(such as wrapper) influence the likelihood of purchasing?

There are two things that influence a customer- one is the intrinsic value of the food product such as flavor, aroma, and texture, etc(are associated with sensory and perceptual systems) and the other one is external packaging of food product such as packaging materials, information, brand name, and price, etc (these are associated with cognitive and psychological mechanisms).

The information provided via packaging can influence customers' expectations and affect their emotional response when their sensory experience confirms or doesn't confirm their initial impression.

What happens exactly is that, the external factor such as packaging of food products first create an impression on the psychological level, regardless of how good it is in its intrinsic value and the customer suddenly creates an imagination in his/her mind after seeing the packaging and the product seller's marketing strategy and design is basically aimed at creating that first impression through brand packaging. In a general term, the customer's association of positive emotions with the packaging used to have a direct influence on the acceptability of the food product inside it.