Is it possible that musing will get the 1 million steem delegation back from steemit?
Do you see a possibility of getting back the delegation of 1 miliion steem from steemit ? What should we all do to bring back that delegation to musing account ?

Just after the hard fork Steemit Inc withdrew its delegation from Musing and several other amazing projects. And sincerely the move slowed down the growth of Musing as it could no longer reward contributors as before.

As for whether Steemit Inc with return the delegation, I doubt. Nevertheless, anything is possible.

However, I think the delegation may not be necessary once the SMT tokens go live and MUsing is able to create its own token to reward contributors.

I wish the Musing team all the best.


Yes, I see the possibility. If Steemit Inc took away the one million SP delegation after the previous hard fork as well as from other projects, I guess they had their reason for that.

If in near future, that reason isn't yielding positive returns and feedback to the community, then something must be done to redeemed their initial decision.

What should we all do to bring back that delegation to musing account? Start a campaign. If 70-75% of musing users start a serious campaign on the steem blockchain and other social media platforms to request that Steemit Inc return the delegation with valid and convincing points, just maybe a reverse of the decision could be seen.


Anything is possible


Yes anything is possible here. As it happened before it could be done again.



No, off course not. Why you think they take it away in the first place? They are broke.

And Musing is not doing any development anymore, this project is near death.