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Do you think steem blockchain should incorporate nominee feature so that if someone die, then nominee will be the beneficiary of that steem account?

I do not think that it is practically possible to establish a nominee feature on steem blockchain, as it does not have KYC procedure and secondly if someone will die then how will you prove that he has already died. Simply a dead account/inactive account does not establish that someone is dead.

Therefore it will be quite complex to have such a feature and a steem account can not be treated like a conventional bank account. So the best thing one should do is to tell the master password to someone close in his family like mother or wife or son or daughter, that will make the things quite easy.

Thank you and Have a great day.


No user death and/or loss of password forever is a really good thing for the value of steem. It keep tokens locked in a wallet. If a token is locked in a wallet it can not be for sale. If there is less supply of a token for sale its value increases. Also there are less accounts voting which means less votes to distribute the reward pool. That means your vote also becomes worth more.


I don't think that would be possible. I think that users need to put their accounts in their will as they could be worth a fortune in a few years time.

 The only way is to pass on the account details and passwords to whoever is inheriting it.


And how do you prove the deceased was the owner or that they even died?

How about accounts that were bought or sold?