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Which one is your favorite exercise in gym?
Mine is dropset

I think it would have to be the exercise bike as I can do it for hours. I am a keen cyclist and use this machine to lose weight. 

When I put my mind to it I will do 2 hour stints on it and will lose Kilograms at a time. 

I don't enjoy weights as I have a bad back as it is and I don't want to upset it and damage it. The treadmill is boring and would rather go for a run outside or for a walk.

It leaves me with my favorite the exercise bike


Here are some of my favorite exercises:

  • Chest press with dumb bells
  • Lat pull-down with a cable
  • Alternating shoulder press
  • Dumbell lunges
  • Bench dips

Are these exercises that you're doing? I am but a few months ago I wasn't and I sure have seen a difference in the tone of my body. 


You asked for my favorite exercise. This requires me to rank the exercises I enjoy, and then decide which 'i would choose if I were only allowed one exercise for the rest of my life.

That makes it easy. DEADLIFTS! I cannot think of a movement that, when done properly, makes a bigger difference to my overall strength and ability to function in a physical capacity.


I love the cardio exercise - the rope, the footworks, the 2minute plunking and push-ups. It get me into sweat! And I just love to feel every drops of sweat running through my body. love it!


Each of these exercises will work a different part of the pectoralis major and minor. When looking at the chest before a workout, you want to divide it into 4 areas - the upper, the lower, the inner, and the outer. Each of these will overlap at times depending on the exercise, but knowing how to target and isolate each one will lead to full development of the chest. Here are the 6 Best Exercises you can do to work and shape the chest:

1. Bench Press (Straightbar) - This targets the entire pectoralis area as a whole, but particularly the middle and outer chest, and is a key to strengthening your overall press movements.

2. Incline Dumbbell Press - These target the upper pecs, and allow for a great inner squeeze due to the wide range of motion dumbbells allow opposed to the bar. This allows concentration on the inner part of the upper chest.

3. Decline Press - This is one of the few ways to isolate the lower pecs, which gives your chest that "straight line" form and definition at the bottom. Rather than have a saggy or round lower formed pecs, they give you a solid defining look.

4. Dumbbell Flyes - Flyes are great for the middle, inner, and outer pecs. The range of motion allows for a long stretch of the outer pecs, while also a solid squeeze of the inner pecs.

5. Cable Crossovers - If done correctly with concentration and isolation via perfect form, the crossovers also allow for great sculpting of the inner and outer pecs, as well as the pec region as a whole. These are great at the end of a chest workout to add detail or in combination on a preexhaust of superset with one of the presses.

6. Dumbbell Press Isolation - I call these isolation because you will intentionally use lighter weight than you could in order to isolate the chest by being able to get more of a squeeze on the contraction. This allows for optimum toning and definition. As opposed to using heavy weight, which you would lack control over the contraction and movement, the idea is to focus and go slow with controlled movements, continuously engaging the pecs, especially at the point of contraction.