This rating is taken from CoinGecko, a website that provides information on the sequence of cryptocurrencies by developer, community and liquidity activities. All of these figures are accurate at the end of August 2018 namely Bitcoin


Bitcoin is the first virtual currency and all that started, this currency was released in 2009 by the creator, Sathosi Nakamoto. Bitcoin currently has the largest market capitalization to date of around $ 10 billion.

Most people usually before using the others they first use bitcoin because bitcoin has a great reputation, all other digital currencies are referred to as 'altcoins' (alternative coins because they are alternatives to Bitcoin).

Bitcoin is known for being the first, the easiest to get, and the widest revenue.

As for me I think bitcoin is better!
The king: Bitcoin
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I think every Cryptocurrency should be given a chance to boom in the market. Moreover,since I am trading some token gave me high yields which were mostly Altcoins Such as Ethereum and Tron.

These both tokens are best on their network and volatility in market with high ranking in Market which gives assurance to provide long-term returns.Tron is releasing own blockchain network and is successful in marketing campaigns. Ethereum is most influential network among all cryptocurrencies and widely consumed for developing Dapps.
I think only Bitcoin created the singularity of trust in cryptography as only ruler for exchange value. All the other crypto are just worthless even if they have good features and can have good uses.

For me Bitcoin = Gold and Alt Coins = paper money (really usefull and easy to use with great features but have no value at all) they solve many problems but still they rely on the real Value of the King Bitcoin.